Letter to the Editor

The Editorial Board

Dear WIU Students,

As you may be aware, the University has been negotiating with WIU faculty since October 2016, and the University remains committed to reaching a sustainable and fiscally responsible agreement with our UPI Local 4100 Chapter. Despite ongoing mediation sessions, UPI Local 4100 Chapter has called upon its members to vote for an authorization to strike.

As the vote has passed, an intent to strike may be filed. However, a strike authorization does not mean a strike will occur. It is at the discretion of each faculty member to choose whether or not to participate in a strike. A series of student-related FAQs related to a possible strike can be found at wiu.edu/provost/negotiationsupdate.php.

It is the University’s intent to continue classes as scheduled, and students should attend classes as usual. It is our expectation that learning continues and you receive the quality education for which you have paid. In addition, commencement ceremonies at both campuses will be held as scheduled.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the grades and credits for those classes in which you are enrolled, and the University will review all options for mitigating any disruptions to our students’ educational pursuits.

We remain committed to your education.


Kathy Neumann

Provost and Vice President