Strikes on Syria were justified

Allison Young, Opinions Writer

As most may know, on Friday April 13, Donald Trump decided to bomb Syria because of the horrific chemical attacks the people of Syria were experiencing. As someone who does not pay much attention to politics, I still believe that our president made the right decision; he used this as a threat saying that the use of chemical weapons needs to stop.

Trump chose to protect the people of Syria because their President, Bashar al-Assad was harming them. So, why is there such an uproar over this bombing?

I have read several different sources; everything from news articles to Facebook posts, to understand other Americans point of view on the situation. Many might argue that President Trump is meddling in other countries business, but there are innocent civilians being killed, and they have no way of defending themselves. Before the incident Trump tweeted about what his actions on Syria were going to be; I disagreed with the choice he made, because it could have put our military men and women in danger.

Another argument is that we are just going to cause more issues between other countries and possibly start a war that we do not need to be in. President Trump was not the only person who chose to send bombs into Syria; our allies, the French and British were both part of the attack. I believe that Trump’s actions were intended to be helpful, not harmful.

One of the biggest aspects of this attack that I see as beneficial is that President Trump did not aim to kill Bashar al-Assad or any people. The missiles were aimed at places where there was supposedly chemical warfare positioned. The attacks were aimed to take out the illegal items in the country that were being used to harm civilians; they could have very well been aimed at the palace of the Syrian president, but they were not.

Having chemical weapons of any sort is against international law for obvious reasons. But what if these people being harmed were Americans? Would President Trump’s actions still be frowned upon? Well, imagine if more of these weapons still existed, and some of our soldiers that are in international countries were stuck in the attack. He was not only saving civilians from another country, but he is doing his job and protecting Americans too.

Although I do not pay much attention to politics as much as I should, I have never been one to agree with much that Trump chooses to do for the country because I believe that a lot of what he does for the country is for attention. But this is one of the few things he has done that shows he might know how to do his job.

He might have some different approaches than past presidents have had, but I think his intentions were supposed to be beneficial and not harmful towards civilians of another country. He is trying to save innocent lives.