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Money is important

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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Is there a relationship between money and happiness? I know and understand that not having enough money to cover your basic needs can cause stress. But there have been examples where the meaning of basic needs have been looked at differently by different people.

Maybe it’s more about the expectations and what we desire rather than what we need. We also know many people who make great amounts of money but are still not happy. If having a great amount of money is equivalent to happiness, how do you explain those who do not have a lot of money but are happy?

Looking at my personal life, I’m not filthy rich, but my family and I are pretty well-off and I am still happy. I don’t have money where I can just spend, spend and spend but I’m still happy; happy with my academics, and where I’m at in my life right now. I do not think that money can buy happiness; there is no correlation between money and happiness.

What makes you happy are the other things in life; such as family, friends, your significant others, pets, jobs, etc. Things that we enjoy doing and things we look forward to are the things that make us happy in life. Happiness is about your life, the components of your life and how you live your life. If you are happy with making a lot of money, then money and your job makes you happy. There is a certain amount of money where we all have to meet our required necessities and accomplishing those basic needs make us happy.

Having more money, your worries and stress level increase greatly. You begin to worry more about getting more money to pay bills, go on trips, and look good with all of the money you have. Having just enough money, you do what you have to do with your money and then you know you’re satisfied which brings happiness. The fear of losing money, spending useless money, and even being taken for granted for your money becomes a worry and headache. Trying to make a whole lot of money to make you happy sometimes may mean you need to have a stressful and hard job that may or may not interest you.

In today’s society, there is no real meaning of happiness. Happiness is feeling joy and bliss whether it comes in spurts or is a constant. Today’s happiness is different then past generations, where it was easier to obtain. Today’s generations only know being excited and joyful for a moment of time due to an instant event that happened. After the instant that happiness ends, we lose that feeling and begin to look for other things to bring those emotions back. It goes the same way with money; once we have made a certain amount we are content and once that amount is gone, we are desperately seeking other ways to reach that point again in both emotions and finances.

Money can’t buy everything we want in life. We can’t buy peace, joy, health and strength with money. It could help acheive these things in life but in life happiness comes from the way we live.

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Money is important