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Mock DUI shows drinking and driving realities

Josh Bowling, Courier Staff

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Local emergency response organizations, including Western’s Office of Public Safety and Western Emergency Services teamed up to hold a Mock DUI in Q-lot on Monday. The cold weather didn’t prevent the event from taking place and showing Western students, faculty and local area high school students the dangers of drunk driving and the response from local emergency services. At the event there were two damaged cars and five passengers dramatizing a drunk-driving accident. One of the people involved in the crash called 911 and then all the organizations present began reacting to the crash as if it were real. During the event DUI statistics and information were being read. “Every 120 seconds a DUI accident occurs,” the narrator said. “Traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among teens and many of them involve alcohol.”

Many local emergency response teams were at the event showing how they would help in a DUI accident. The organizations involved were: Macomb Police Department, Macomb Fire Department, Illinois State Police, McDonough County Sheriff’s Office, Office of Public Safety, Western Emergency Services, the county coroner and an air-evac that provided a helicopter and ambulance.

The ‘Jaws of Life’ were used by the Macomb Fire Department to remove the passengers from one of the vehicles. One of the passengers played dead and the other passengers were taken away in an ambulance. A helicopter was supposed to arrive but unfortunately couldn’t participate in theMock DUI.

“This is a realistic response to a DUI accident. If something like this were to happen, a dispatch would come out and all available emergency response organizations would come to the scene,” Madison Merritt, Special Project Coordinator for WEMS said.

Local high school students also attended the event.

“We like to bring our students to things like this to remind them of the dangers of drunk driving especially around Prom time,” Tammy Williams, a teacher at Cuba High Sc,hool said. “We are privileged to be here. I think this will have a positive impact on our students and affect them for the rest of their lives. I just wish it wasn’t so darn cold.”

“I remember doing something like this in high school and it definitely had an impact on me,” Merritt said. ”It’s good to remind people notto drink and drive.”

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Mock DUI shows drinking and driving realities