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Be kind to each other

Donnetta Shanklin, Opinions Writer

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Being a bully in college is not okay. One would think that would stop in high school, but it does not. Once a bully, always a bully is what I like to say.

When I walk into class and mind my own business, I see bullying happening all the time. The thing about bullying is it’s not only physical, it’s emotional too, and words can hurt a lot more sometimes than getting hit.

I see this happening a lot with girls. They constantly are putting each other down, making each other cry and trying to one up everyone. This is an issue that seriously needs to stop. We are all adults now and we’re trying to achieve a mutual goal, which is to get a degree. Most of us are at least 18 years old which makes us an adult so it’s time to grow up.

I’ve seen this happen a lot with females when I am out. I can’t speak for every female but sometimes they go further than a guy would. If guys get into an argument they punch it out and then get over it, but girls like to hit you where it hurts.

The person hurting the other girl may think they’re being funny and cool around their friends, but it does really hurt sometimes. Constantly being called out and embarrassed on social media because you had a disagreement is not okay. Cyber bullying can really hurt someone too.

The thing about cyber bullying is that its a cowardly way out because you are hiding behind a screen. This one hurts a lot because people can see someone being called out and once something is on the Internet, it never goes away. You can delete it but technology is very modernized and all you have to do is screenshot it and it could possibly go viral.

This is something that I see all the time. I don’t see as much physical bullying around school, but at the same time I feel like it is still there. I feel like if it happens they wouldn’t do it in the open so everybody can see.

Some of the people that I see bullying other people, I personally knew them in high school and they were the same way. Sometimes they need to realize that their joke could go too far and it can really upset someone. People need to realize that not everyone has a perfect day and one little thing that you say negative to them can make their day a lot worse.

I wish people would think before they speak, but that is easier said than done. I still can’t comprehend why people have to constantly put each other down to make themselves feel better. This world is filled with so much hate and nastiness and it’s completely unnecessary.

I know everybody has their own battles and struggles, but that doesn’t mean you should take your anger out on someone else. And especially when one has a disagreement with another person they should not put them on blast and put them down and try to embarrass them in front of a large group of people because that’s just not cool.

Bullying happens all the time in college and it seriously needs to stop. People just need to grow up and learn to turn the other cheek.

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Be kind to each other