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It’s important to relax sometimes

Destiny Kerr, Courier Staff

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As we reach the end of the semester, the pressure is intensifying for us students. Stress levels are rising, and the weather is finally starting to cooperate. It’s becoming a lot more tempting to put our homework off to the side so we can go out with our friends and such. But really, who could blame us? We are in one of the most trying times of our lives, having a little fun won’t hurt.

The biggest stereotype about college life are the parties. I’m sure we can all attest to the fact that our families warned us not to go off and party too much while we were away, and to remember that we’re in college to get an education. To me, parties are one of the best things to happen in college. As I come to the end of my freshman year, I have gotten accustomed to the way things work around here. But it was difficult to adjust being away from home. Parties and other social functions made things go a lot smoother.

The way I see it, parties are a way for students, who are all faced with the same challenges and stresses of school, to let loose without restrictions. It’s a way for us to release our anxieties and worries for a couple hours. We shouldn’t be shamed for it. Of course other priorities come first; homework, essays and studying for ridiculously long exams. Those things should always remain first. But spending a night out with friends and loud music is one of the best ways to take a time-out from all of that.

Not only are they fun, but partying has many benefits. Trust me, I would know. It’s a way to meet and interact with other students on campus, burn calories and most importantly create long lasting memories with those you’ve grown to love. As students, we tend to only have a single outlook on school and our purpose as a student. But we forget that this is supposed to be the best time of our lives, a time we only have one chance to experience. We will meet people that we are going to remember for a lifetime. Some of us already have.

Going to college is about more than just earning a degree. Who says that college shouldn’t be a fun experience? If I were to give advice to an incoming freshman, it would be that partying is okay, as long as they put their academics first. This negative connotation about college students and parties is played out. If it weren’t for the parties I went to both first and second semester, I wouldn’t have known the majority of the people I know now on campus, and I probably would’ve had a mental breakdown from the workload I received during school. I also wouldn’t have as many saved memories on my Snapchat gallery.

However, I still managed to maintain good grades and a high GPA, which I probably wouldn’t have had if I didn’t go out every now-and-then. The more people we know, the easier it is to network. So in a way, partying should be encouraged for students instead of shunned.

My message to all incoming freshman and first year students is to cherish this opportunity. College is supposed to be enjoyable. Go out, party and have fun. Just remember to pace yourselves, and keep your academics as a number one priority. Don’t be ashamed to fit the college party stereotype. Because honestly, it’s more beneficial than you’d think.

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It’s important to relax sometimes