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Be cautious about social media

Taylor Gean, Opinions Writer

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As a young woman of today’s society, I think it is very prominent how social media plays a large role in your daily life. Whether you spend hours on end looking at funny tweets or memes on Facebook, we can all say that we make time for social media.

It is a tool used to communicate with, advertise to and influence many people in simple and quick ways. One of these aspects tends to focus on a subject that has been around for a long time, relationships. Social media has exposed relationships more than it ever has, and although some may share these details with no intent to influence, subconsciously we tend to pay attention to these details more than needed.

We can all agree that relationships and dating has changed and evolved immensely since the time our parents were our age. Many believe that the use of social media is part of the reason why it has changed in a negative way. People who tend to put the details of their relationship out there for everyone on social media to see, can be influencing those who are not in relationships by giving them a false impression of what a real relationship may look like. Those who do not have much experience with dating tend to be influenced by this unintentionally since they do not know what a real relationship entails, social media can expose only one side of things.

Social media tends to give people certain expectations on how a relationship should be like, posting pictures of your significant other buying you gifts all the time can make people think that having a significant other is all about materialistic things like gifts. Even the smallest of things like posting a screenshot of a nice text you received or a picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend showing up at your door at 3 a.m., people tend to think that it is expected that we do this for each other. Although many of these things are harmless and do not require much effort, it gives people these expectations that once they get involved in a relationship, their significant other should be doing these things for them on a daily basis.

It is important that we pay attention to how we expose relationships on social media and being aware that sometimes we pay attention to what is on social media rather than the reality of things. It is easy to say that the internet does not influence you one bit whatsoever until you find yourself subconsciously making these expectations and standards. Posting these things can make some of the smallest gestures seem so out of the ordinary and this is why people have very low expectations of how they should be treated once they are in a relationship.

I think if people stopped posting things that make people feel they should have certain expectations and standards, it can help people understand how a real relationship should be like and not involve all of your friends, family and followers to view your business online.

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Be cautious about social media