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Make the healthier choice with your life

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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As students, the last thing many of us think about is eating healthier, drinking more water or exercising even if it is vital to our health. However, by not taking the time to take care of ourselves, this limits the outcome of our health in the future.

Some say that after we turn 25, our bodies start to lose their resilience to bounce back after any damage is done. So, yes, eating hot Cheetos and drinking everything but water may be all fun and games now, but it’s best to try to break these habits before it’s too late. Take the initiative to start exercising and eating healthier now before the desire to do so doesn’t cross your mind.

Even if it’s for five minutes a day, find a different exercise to do before or after class. By remaining consistent with a daily routine, there is a better guarantee that you’re not only improving your body’s well-being, but also requiring less maintenance of your health overtime. There is also the opportunity to use your student ID card for things other than food. Maybe try to attend a weekly class at the rec or take advantage of the personal training courses that are offered as well. Yes, the struggle to stay consistent will be hard at first, but something is better than nothing.

It’s also important to drink plenty of water every day. I can’t necessarily criticize anyone considering that I have a rather difficult time consuming my daily intake as well. However, my problem isn’t consuming enough water, but remembering to drink water throughout the day. So, if you struggle with the same issue set a timer or an alarm throughout the day to help you remember.

Water is not only necessary for our bodies considering that our bodies are mostly made of it, but water is also beneficial towards clearer skin, less dehydration and giving our bodies an extra boost of energy that we may need to get our day started. Drinking a glass of water when you wake up in the morning helps to get the major organs in your body functioning properly.

Not only is drinking water important, but drinking before we eat sends a signal to our bodies to eat smaller potions limiting the chance to overeat. This can be hard to do especially when the need to take a sip of whatever we’re drinking during our meals is a normal routine. Quenching your thirst at least 30 minutes before eating can help to provide your stomach with satisfaction rather than feeling the need to sleep right after you’ve finished your meal.

No matter what it is that you do to better your health, healthier alternatives can provide both physical and mental stability as you age. It may be scary knowing that every day we grow older, but that may be much better than serious health problems that could mean life or death in the future.

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Make the healthier choice with your life