Peace Corps explain HIV epidemic in Botswana

Josh Bowling, Courier Staff

Peace Corps at Western Illinois Unviersity provided an educational program to show what the Peace Corps provides for countries heavily affected by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) on April 9.

The program titled, Health Gap and Soccer in Botswana, took place at the Multicultural Center on campus. The program began by discussing the HIV crisis taking place in Botswana. “360,000 people are infected with HIV in Botswana. The country only has a population of 2.2 million people so HIV is a huge epidemic there” Rosey Brown, presenter and Peace Corps Recruiter on campus said.

Brown had previously spent two years working in South Africa for the Peace Corps. In South Africa, she provided educationals similar to the one she demonstrated at the event.

In order to lower the number of people being infected with HIV in Botswana and countries in similar situations, the Peace Corps provides lessons for High School students. They provide fun demonstrations to teach about the dangers of HIV and how to prevent it. Grassroots Soccer was an example of one of these lessons.

The presentation was an interactive educational that showed how quickly HIV can be spread. The three main lessons taught in order to prevent HIV were practice abstinence, be faithful to one partner, and use a condom.

“I’m happy with the turnout and and meeting the objectives of the program which were to provide a fun and educational event and teach people what the Peace Corps does” Brown said.