College should be free

Mark Tolliver, Courier Staff

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There are many states that offer a free public school education until students complete the 12th grade; once higher education becomes an option, then tuition fees and cost becomes a factor that affects people’s decision to pursue higher education. Should higher education be free?

Attaining a college degree is a high achievement and milestone that many dream about completing. Yet, the high cost of higher education begins to deter many individuals from pursuing the dream of a higher education degree.

Many people are in favor of the idea of free college education and there are some in opposition to it, but I personally think that college education should be free. The price for college tuition should be free, but there can be charges and fees for other things, such as room and board. A great question to pose: How many people in the world want to pursue a higher education but stop after high school due to financial reasons? For so many people to want this dream but not be able to afford it, school administration and state officials should offer free education to assist in dreams coming true. There should be more information and assistance in terms of financial aid and scholarships for students to gain financial support. People who can’t afford college decide to drop out and turn to other activities that aren’t beneficial. Many people decide to do other things that may negatively impact their future while a college degree will bring knowledge and a career.

Achieving a college degree can help millions of people improve their lives and have a positive impact on society as a whole, and especially a free education. People who are born and live in impoverished areas would have the chance to improve their social and economic classes through hard work and determination. Being able to be happy in life is what everyone in the United States strives for, and having free education will aid in citizens’ happiness.

Having free college education would result in student debt rates being low. Having student debt limits and stalls other important in our lives. With free education, students will have a fresh slate coming out of college and can be focused on making money to achieve milestones. Milestones that many want to pursue after college are buying a house, a car, starting a family and even getting married. These milestones will be great accomplishments once students are financially stable without student loan debt.

Free college tuition would greatly benefit and aid the economy as a whole in regards to more people being in the workfield. More people in the work industry means more successful people. With more people working in the world, we will be able to have more people who are able to pay higher taxes. The more people we have working, the more revenue we can bring in that will benefit the greater good in the economy. With more entering and graduating from college, they can receive a great paying job for themselves and their families. More job placement will increase productivity in the workfield. Businesses and companies with more workers can produce and sell more goods and services, which will increase revenue, which fuels job and economic growth.

I believe that college tuition should be free for students, yet there can be other fees required such as meals and recreational activities that students pay for. A college education is a great accomplishment that many want to pursue and allowing it to be free will benefit the greater good of society

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