FARCRY5 is a thrill

Conal Duffy, Courier Staff

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A new video game is out by Ubisoft called “Far Cry 5.” I haven’t played any other Far Cry game before this one, so this is all new to me. You begin the game by traveling into Montana in a helicopter. As you are flying you see a giant statue of the evil cult leader named Joseph Seed.

You learn that he and his family have taken over a small region of Montana and own the radio, the police, and everything else. You land the helicopter and follow US Marshals to the front door of a church, where Seed is preaching his evil ways. As you enter the church, you see your fellow US Marshall say to Joseph Seed that he is required to turn himself in. You lead Seed to the helicopter. Shortly after you take flight the helicopter crashes and Seed runs away. And so do you. Seed tells you that “no one is coming to help you.”

You end up being knocked out by a guy named Dutch, who seems to be part of the resistance against the cult. You find yourself in his hideout after you wake up. He tells you to put on regular clothes. You meet with him and he sends you on your way.

So far, the game consists of liberating towns. This means going into small towns and killing every enemy and freeing hostages. Then, if you succeed, the town is a peaceful place again.

Your fellow US Marshalls have been captured and are being held hostage in different places, and you need to go find them.

I am not finished with playing the game, but so far it has been fun.

I’ve flown a plane, which was super cool. I’ve also driven a pickup truck and an ATV on the roads. Sometimes, when enemy cars pass you, they stop. Then, the characters get out and start shooting at you.

Sometimes you have to destroy towers the cult has built. There are a lot of them around the area which explode when you destroy them, so be careful.

This game is open-world, meaning you can go anywhere and are not confined to a linear story path.

I’m playing on a gaming PC which runs the game well. Because this game is so fun, I want to go back and play all the other Far Cry games I didn’t play. It looks like an interesting series, and I’ve heard that previous iterations are controversial.

Far Cry 5 depicts controversial things about religion and certain kinds of Americans. If you want to play this game, be warned that there will be things that might offend you. If you can get your mind past that stuff, the game is super fun and worth the $60 for the standard edition.

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