Reed reelected as president: Unopposed SGA candidates all take seats for 2018-2019

Nicholas Ebelhack, editor-in-chief

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Each unopposed candidate claimed their seat in the Student Government Association (SGA) for the upcoming academic year with the announcement of the Student Government Association election results being revealed Friday afternoon in the Sandburg lounge.

SGA Attorney General Kelly Rodgers made the announcement following voting, which occurred from Monday through Friday of last week. Voting closed an hour before the announcement, during which Rodgers thanked all those who voted in this year’s races.

Current Chief of Staff Justin Brown with 99 percent of the vote was elected as the next Student Member to the Board of Trustees. The remaining one percent of votes went to write-in candidates.

With 76 percent of the votes, sitting SGA President Grant Reed was reelected, this time with current Director of Academic Affairs Madison Lynn replacing current Vice President Samir Almhiemid as Vice President.

Write-in candidates received the remainder of the vote, following a write-in campaign effort from Aaron Chess and JT Baksha.

The lone Senator at-Large candidate on the ballot, current senator Doni Purifoy, received 61 percent of the vote for the five available positions

Write-in candidates received the remainder of the vote, with Kyle Ramlow, Derek Lahey, Kevin Dukes and Hayden Goleman receiving also being elected in order of the number of the votes received. Lahey, although elected, had not accepted his position following the announcement.

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