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No more group projects

London Rivers, Courier Staff

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I understand that in the real world it’s possible that almost every job requires group work, however, I find group work and projects to be rather difficult to accomplish while in college. When we were in middle school and high school, group work was just as ordinary as attending class on a regular basis. During those times we had the same classes everyday and saw each other every day, considering that our schedules weren’t as hectic as they are now.

However, the college life can cause major setbacks when it comes to group work and projects. For one, we may all have different schedules that limit us the necessary time needed to complete a certain task. Yes, many students see one another on a regular basis but with us being adults there are other obligations that prevent work from getting done in a timely manner.

Again, I understand that in the work field many employees work as a team to ensure quality work and efficient customer service, but not everyone has that same mindset in college. Many college students are just looking to pass their classes to ensure that they graduate on time or at least close enough. Most group projects lean toward the end of each semester which is the laziest time of the year for students.

We tend to get senioritis long before actually reaching our senior year. Most of our motivation is dismissed, we find ourselves limited to the thought of doing everything but be productive, as well as no desire to accomplish what little bit of homework that we do need to complete each week.

So to assign group work with students who do not all have the same level of productivity to work together does not accomplish anything. I get that we don’t have a choice but to work in groups when they are assigned to us. So, if we do have prior arrangements throughout the week then we must do what we must do. Then again, our grades are dependent upon one another and many of us refuse to be held accountable for the actions of our group members. It’s sad to say that towards the end of the semester, many of us could honestly care less about the quality of our work.At this point we’re just content with turning in whatever we can to meet deadlines, and as much as I care about my grades, I too would have to agree with this concept.

With many other things that I find unnecessary in course curriculums and syllabi, group work would have to be in the top five of the list. In the work field though, employees do come to work with other obligations outside of their jobs as well and must put them aside to handle any tasks intended for them to do.

College, however, is already draining as it is. So to have to work in groups when we can barely show up to class on time is slightly pushing the limit. Group work, especially so late in the semester, is not something I look forward to.

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No more group projects