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Russia is a big threat

Jason Adams, Courier Staff

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As of late, North Korea has been front and center in conversations about nuclear weapons. This past weekend though, that conversation has moved to Russia. This has been a domino effect in the events that have followed the death of Russian spy Sergei Skripal, who worked as a double agent for British intelligence before being caught in Moscow in the early 2000s.

He was traded for Russian spies as part of an exchange in 2010 and had lived in England since. He and his daughter both died from a nerve agent in early March. Britain and the U.S. both concluded that the nerve agent and attack of this magnitude had to come from the Kremlin and President Putin himself. Both countries and many others have expelled Russian diplomats because of this event.

Putin stated that Russia had nothing to do with this attack and expelled the same number of corresponding diplomats from Russia as had been expelled from their respective countries. The U.S. also seized a Russian diplomatic property, which the Russians matched as well.

According to CNN, a day after these expulsions were announced, the Russian government released footage of a successful test of their new missile “Satan-2.” This follows a Kremlin statement last month that Russia wants to try to hold back the arms race. I don’t understand at this point why we don’t just listen to what Putin says and expect the exact opposite.

President Trump has tried to make better diplomatic relations with Putin and Russia, but the poisoning has definitely strained the relationship. They tried to discuss the arms race but it seems like it would be more of a bragging session and less of a discussion on preventative measures. Both world leaders have shown an interest in powerful weapons, but Putin’s display seem to be more of a warning of Russian strength than as a use in conflict right now.

The recent release seems to be more of a warning of what Russia is capable of after numerous countries have teamed up against them following the poisoning. This show of force isn’t rare for Russia and something along these lines was probably expected, it’s the nature of the missile that has been drawing the most attention.

To begin with, the name of the missile is literally Satan-2. At that point, you’re expecting to become the bad guy here. A Russian with a missile named Satan almost sounds like a James Bond plotline.

It’s also pretty safe to rule out easy diplomatic relations regarding the arms race unless Satan translates to “bouquet of flowers” or “friendly pinky swear” in Russian. Saying that we need to curb the arms race and then releasing footage of a new missile seems a little counterproductive. Especially after Putin unveiled new Russian military weapons last month including an animation of a missile strike reaching Florida.

If a Russian missile could reach Florida, it could easily reach Washington D.C. Whether or not it was implied, it still should be something to be concerned about. We’ll see how this situation develops in the coming weeks.

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Russia is a big threat