Don’t play around with guns

Destiny Kerr, Courier Staff

With all the lives lost due to guns, you would think people would be more responsible while handling them, or maybe not use them at all. However, the madness with guns still continues as people use them carelessly as if they were toys. The fact that a lethal weapon can be toyed with, despite the history of the many people who died by the gun, is irrational to me. It’s downright disgusting.

I don’t know what it is about guns that makes people so fascinated with them. It could be that they give people a sense of empowerment. Or maybe because the excessive use of them is influenced by the media. Guns are seen in music videos, movies and even video games. Children are even exposed to this content at an early age, leading them to believe that it is okay to mess around with them. Guns also give users confidence, and to make matters worse, society portrays them as “cool.” In a nutshell, guns are a modern trend in today’s society, when realistically they are problematic.

On Easter Sunday, 26 -year -old Devyn Holmes was shot in the head on a Facebook Live video. Holmes and his two friends, Johnathan Coleman, 25, and Cassandra Damper, 25, were parked in a Valero gas station in Houston, Texas during the time of the incident. The live video was taken on Coleman’s page, who refers to himself as “Cadillac.” The three were sitting in the car with a gun laying on the armrest between the driver and passenger seat, where Holmes and Damper were sitting.

The three were seen laughing and joking with one another as Damper proceeded to pick up the gun and play with it, pointing it at Holmes’s head. “You’re making me nervous,” stated Holmes’s as Damper continued with her irresponsible foolishness. Coleman then informed the two that there was no clip in the gun, or so he thought. Damper, with the gun pointed at Holmes, pulled the trigger, shooting him in the head. All of this, by the way, was seen in the video. The horrific sight of Homer’s body going stiff, blood spilling from his head, made my stomach turn. Coleman immediately ran out of the car, followed by Damper, who reacted in utter astonishment after she seen what she’d done to her so-called friend.

Whether it was an accident or not, Damper had absolutely no business pointing a gun to her friend’s head. A gun’s sole purpose is to kill, or at the very least, temporarily disable a person or thing. Pointing a gun at a person should not even be considered as a joke. And in my opinion, Damper should be charged with a sentence to reflect her stupidity for playing in such a manner.

As well as Coleman, who was also seen holding the gun briefly in the video. Why there was even a gun in the car to begin with is still in question. But all I know is that this whole situation could have been avoided if they were more conscious of their decisions.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. In addition to pushing stricter gun laws, those who use them irresponsibly should be punished. Even if they do something as simple as waving it the air. This will hopefully reduce the amount of people who tamper will lethal weaponry as if they were toys, which they most certainly are not. Not only are they dangerous, but because we are all tired of seeing innocent lives being put at stake.

Thankfully, Holmes is currently recovering from his injury. He was placed on life support, but one of his relatives recently confirmed that he is now able to breathe and respond on his own. Let’s all send our prayers to Holmes and his family, and hope for a successful recovery. He is a father of two and a scholar. As well as a man of amazing strength. Justice shall be served on his behalf.