Alpha Phi Alpha asks to honor C.T Vivian


Mayor Mike Inman speaks on the Los Tapatios license Monday.

Steven Barnum, Assistant News Editor

Since the bid discussion for the 2018 Street Improvement Project was postponed, the council was able to concentrate more on a request from the fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha.

The group is proposing that the town of Macomb recognize Western Illinois University alumni Dr. C.T. Vivian for his contributions toward civil rights in the United States. Vivian, who is known as a minister and an author, was recognized for his achievements by then-president Barack Obama in 2013.

According to Area Director Byron Oden-Shabazz, one way to honor Vivian would be to put a granite bench and a plaque in Chandler Park.

“This would be a way for us to honor him locally. We are an international fraternity, but he grew up here,” Oden-Shabazz said, emphasizing Vivian’s Macomb roots. “He was also a member of this fraternity, which is a key to this recognition.”

The fraternity is also proposing that Macomb turn Vivian’s childhood home into a historical landmark. Passionate about the proposal was District Director Mike Boyd. “We have the opportunity to honor this gentleman for what he has done with the civil rights movement and the role he helped serve with Dr. Martin Luther King,” he continued, “We know this is very much possible and doable.”

The motion was carried and Mayor Mike Inman thanked the group for their commitment to the project.

Transitioning into the desire for a liquor license in Los Tapatios, Inman said “It’s our intention to issue the license.”

The license will allow for alcohol to be sold on Sundays and to be consumed outdoors on the property.

“All necessary steps have been taken and all publications have been met,” added City Attorney Kirsten Petrie, signaling the restaurant is now clear of hurdles when it opens later this month.

Sticking with liquor, a special event liquor license was requested for a West Central Arts Center event on Friday, April 13. The event, which is a fictional meeting titled “When Patsy Met Hank”, will also offer barbecue. Since special event liquor licenses are common and the event is quickly approaching, the council agreed to waive the second reading of the proposal and approve the license.

The event will be casual and will feature musicians playing songs by Patsy Cline and Hank Williams. For those interested, it will be held at the West Central Illinois Arts Center at 6:30 p.m.

Tying up a loose end from previous meetings, the amendment of 20 minute restricted and handicapped parking on the southeast corner of Washington Street and Randolph Street has been adopted.

Also discussed was the town’s budget for the upcoming FY 19. According to Petrie, records of the proposed budget have been made available to the public, and the public hearing will take place at the next city council meeting on April 9, at 5:15 p.m.