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Go ahead and try something new

Karolina Orszulak, Courier Staff

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If you’re a girl or even a guy, we all know you have a Pinterest board for just about everything. Personally I can spend many hours a day adding new pins as to how to decorate my dorm room, different ways to do my makeup, new outfit ideas, but my all-time favorite Pinterest board is the one with new recipes to try. Being a vegetarian it’s sometimes hard to find tasty food that will fill you up and have all the important nutrients you need for the day. With that being said, I obviously made a Pinterest board for food just like that.

Recently I have had some extra time in my schedule to cook for myself instead of buying food from the dining halls or spend my money at a restaurant so I went straight to my Pinterest board to see what recipe I would try that day. One thing that I quickly learned after I decided to make something off of my Pinterest board is that it is not as easy as it seems. I saw a recipe for buffalo cauliflower “wings” and thought it looked easy enough to make but I found out otherwise.

The recipe seemed easy enough since all you had to do was mix all the items together, dip the cauliflower into the batter, then pop it into the oven. To begin with, I am that person who does not believe in measuring when it comes to cooking, instead I eye ball the amounts which is probably not a good idea. I’m sure you’re thinking at this point that whatever happened from that point on is my fault because of how I decided to measure the ingredients but you are wrong. One thing that caught my eye about this recipe was that it took only about 20-30 minutes making it an easy and quick snack to make. WRONG. Reading off what I need took five minutes itself, imagine actually putting in all the ingredients. So overall this entire cooking experience took me over an hour just to make. Luckily, there was a video to go along with the recipe so I had a visual representation as to how to do each step. Once again, the video made it seem a lot easier than it was. I am very positive that I wasted more ingredients by messing up and making a mess.

The finished product picture of the recipe looked very appetizing while mine did not. Don’t get me wrong, the finished product tasted phenomenal but if I were given the option to eat my finished product of the buffalo cauliflower or dog food, I would go with the dog food. Basically what I’m trying to say from all this is everything you see on the Internet will not be the same as it is in real life. Don’t be afraid to try new things because you never know if you will fail unless you try.

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Go ahead and try something new