Westfest featuring Jesse McCartney and Waka Flocka

Tea Wheat, Courier Staff

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On March 30, the University Union Board announced an upcoming musical performance that will take place this May called WESTFEST. WESTFEST will be a concert event held in the Grand Ballroom of the University Union on Wednesday, May 2, at 7pm.

The music festival itself is not what has been catching the attention of students and faculty alike, but rather who will be performing at the festival. Social media exploded with excitement and anticipation for this event and its performers. While these two artists are no longer in the direct spotlight that they once were, their musical talents will be showcased once again at WESTFEST.

Waka Flocka Flame, or better known as Waka Flocka, will be one of the two performers at WESTFEST. Waka Flocka Flame is an American Rapper whose career rose in popularity around 2009, and now has in total of 40 singles, 20 mix tapes and two studio albums. Waka Flocka had multiple top hits in 2010, such as “No Hands” and “Hard In Da Paint,” needless to say fans are beyond excited to see him at WESTFEST.

The second performer at WESTFEST is an American singer, songwriter and actor Jessie McCartney. McCartney began his career in the late 90’s with his acting role in “All My Children” as Chandler. McCartney’s musical career started when he joined the boy band Dream Street, and then later became a solo artist.

McCartney came out with his hit song “Beautiful Soul” in 2004. However prior to that song he had a few other singles such as “She’s No You” and “Leavin.” The ability to see and meet McCartney in person has current and past fans going wild. Those who were once infatuated with McCartney as kids and teenagers can now see him live, and even have the chance to meet him.

Not only is this an exceptional opportunity to see two very talented musicians, but it will also be intriguing to see the two musicians with such different styles playing at the same event.

Tickets to WESTFEST are priced at $10 for students, and $15 for community members (non-students). For $50, Jessie McCartney fans can purchase general admission tickets to the event, as well as tickets to meet the once teenage heartthrob. Whether you were a fan growing up, or you are still a fan of these two talented musicians, it’s time to get that throwback CD out of your storage bag and into your CD player!

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