Four students arrested for fraud: OPS and MPD arrest two individuals each in separate cases

Nicholas Ebelhack, editor-in-chief

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Multiple students were arrested on separate instances of fraud on Monday and Tuesday this week, with arrest announcements coming from both the McDonough County Sheriff’s Office and the Western Illinois University Office of Public Safety.

On Monday, students Taya Fox, 19, and Azeez Oki, 18, both of Chicago, Ill. Were both arrested through the McDonough County Sheriff’s Office in regards to a reported fraudulent use of a debit/credit card made on Sunday. Both students were tracked and were found connected to the use of the card by the Macomb Police Department.

Police reported that Fox and Oki were able to retrieve the information illegally by using an internet app, allowing them to use the account information to make $1,500 worth of purchases.

Fox has been charged with the use of an account code with intent to defraud. Oki has been charged with identity theft.

The Office of Public Safety then made two other arrests as well on Tuesday. At 10:03 a.m., Deair Williams, 19, of 620 Tanner Hall was arrested in Tanner Hall for felony unlawful use of account code with the intent to defraud.

Later, at 2:40 p.m., Curtis Gregory, 19, of 514 Tanner Hall, was also arrested in Mowbray Hall for felony fraud. Both students were lodged in the McDonough County Jail pending bond.

According to the Office of Public Safety since March 22, three reports had been made to the Office of Public Safety regarding fraudulent charges on student identification cards. Both Williams’s and Gregory’s arrest pertain to fraudulent charges made since then.

On March 22, a student reported $109.03 in fraudulent charges were made on her card.

On March 23, a student reported that $226.27 in fraudulent charges were made on her card.

On March 26, a student reported that $99.27 in charges were made on his card that had been missing since March 23.

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