Take a break from technology

Karolina Orszulak, Courier Staff

Recently I have done something that seems to be impossible to anyone in the 21st century and that is go a day without technology. Yes, all technology. I gave up my phone and laptop meaning I had no access to any social media like Twitter or Facebook.

The reason why I wanted to give this little experiment a try is because a few days before I gave all that up, I had a very interesting conversation with my mom. She said that as the years went on she started giving up things for short periods of time to see how different life would be without it.

She said that she’s become so dependent on things that were considered luxuries when she was growing up and so she often gives up things that she didn’t have 30 years ago. She told me that she tries to go a few hours, days or even weeks without things that she wouldn’t think would affect her life too much but then learns how dependent she is on those things. It all started off as a competition because my mom was convinced that I wouldn’t be able to do it so naturally I took on this challenge.

The first thing I learned to do was to set up an alarm clock on an actual clock. I know that sounds silly but since I gave up my phone I wasn’t able to set up an alarm to wake up like I do every night to make sure I don’t over sleep. Turns out setting up an alarm clock on an actual clock is harder than it seems since I was woken up by my mom instead of my clock because I set it up for p.m. instead of a.m. So the first experience I had without technology was a disaster but I had the entire day ahead of me. That same day I had an appointment at the dentist and when I got there I was told to wait until I was called. Naturally I wanted to take out my phone and scroll through my emails, go on twitter, or play a game but I specifically left my phone at home. Soon after that I had my epiphany moment.

I realized that most of us grew up using technology as either a way to keep busy, stay connected, stay distracted or in some cases learn. We take little things like a connection through media to our friends for granted, abusing our privileges and becoming addicted to it all. Letting go of it for awhile and seeing what it would be like if we constantly weren’t able to have these luxuries, opens up our eyes and lets us realize what we really have and how lucky we are to have it. The point of giving up something so small for a few days or even hours, is to take everything in life that is given to us, and appreciate it a little more than we give it credit for.