Don’t judge a movie before you’ve seen it

Donnetta Shanklin, Opinions Writer

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When a lot of people go to movies, they expect way too much. When people watch the previews, they ask other people who have seen it already, they read many reviews and a lot of times become disappointed because the review is bad.

People are especially disappointed in remakes of movies. I agree that usually the original is better, because without the original there would not be a movie. But a lot of times when there are remakes of movies, they’re super similar to the original movie.

I understand why people look up reviews for movies. People don’t like paying for stuff that they don’t think that they would like. It’s also understandable because people watch trailers to see if the movie is even interesting or they look up stuff to get a general synopsis of the movie. Those are all great reasons to look up reviews of movies.

If one is interested in a movie, they should go see it for themselves. Everyone’s opinions differ from one another, so it’s not very relevant to ask someone what they thought of the movie because your outcome could be completely different.

Yes, some people can read people better than others, and could guess if one would like the movie or not, but when it comes down to it, it’s up to you to go see the movie and determine whether you like it or not. It is great to hype movies up and to be excited for them, after all movies are made to entertain us. But that excitement can get you into trouble.

Hyping up a movie too much can get you into trouble because you could end up very disappointed. Usually in the trailers they put all the important scenes in there to hype the movie up and make it look like it’s the number one movie in America.

They do that because trailers are attention getters and it hooks the audience so they are ready to go see the movie. A lot of times, what you see in the trailer is the big “awe” moments. Trailers are usually around thirty seconds to a minute and a half or so, so obviously it’s going to look exciting.

The director and producer are trying to get the movie advertised out there enough so people can come and see it, but at the same time they don’t want to give every single detail away, although they usually do. Trailers are a blessing and a curse.

With that being said if one goes to the movies with an open mind, the outcome might be different. If you expect less, you’ll never be disappointed.

So when one goes to a movie they should just go to see what it’s about, check it out, and not expect too much. They might actually enjoyed themselves.

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