Council says “hello”


Erika Ward

 The Macomb City Council held a second meeting Monday night to begin the new fiscal year with the new Council members being sworn in and making their first votes.

 The members sworn in included Mike Inman re-elected as mayor, Melanie Falk re-elected as City Clerk, Mike Wayland for the position of 1st Ward Alderman, Mellie Gilbert for the position of 3rd Ward Alderman, Tom Koch for the position of 4th Ward Alderman and Don Wynn for the position of Alderman At Large.

 In addition, Inman spoke about his optimism for the upcoming fiscal year with the new council.

 “We’re looking at some very familiar faces and we think that’s a positive,” Inman said.  “The fact of the matter is, we have some challenges coming up in the next year, mainly do to the goings-on – or lack of goings-on – in Springfield.  What I’m confident of is that we, as a community, will get through those challenges, we always have.  We have some outstanding folks in leadership in the community.”

The Council also voted to assign many other positions such as Macomb Police Chief, Curt Barker, Macomb Fire Chief, Andy Taylor and Macomb Public Works Director, Jason Bainter.

Two contracts presented for approval were for Kristen Petrie, who is to be employed as the City Attorney and for Dean Torreson, who is to be employed as the City Administrator.

“We have some outstanding folks in leadership in the community,” Inman said.  “Not just in City Hall, but across the board and the community. We have a very good relationship with a vast majority of those, and we think that’s a huge positive for getting through whatever challenges we have coming down the road.”

Transit Director Nathan Cobb made an appearance at this meeting to speak on behalf of the public transportation system for the Macomb area, as well as McDonough County.

“Anytime federal funds are used to operate a mass commuting system, this agreement must be in place to provide the preservation of rights and the ethics of employees,” Cobb said.  

Part of this transit system is funded by the fees that students at Western Illinois University pay.

 In other news, Inman announced that Torreson will be retiring at the end of the calendar year.