MLB getting back in the swing of things


Yankees’ outfielder Aaron Judge swinging for the fences.

Brendan Reidy, Sports Writer

Major League Baseball has seen its ups and downs over the last decade. However, over the past two seasons the popularity has begun to rise. Many people believe it’s viewership is growing for many different reasons, but for me I believe it is growing because of the young talent pool of players and the equal level of competition between ball clubs.

The level of young talent across major league baseball is spectacular. Baseball fans have not seen this amount of young talent since the early 2000’s. There was a period in time when players such as David Ortiz, A-Rod, Carlos Beltran, Ichiro and the most famous player from this era Derek Jeter played in the big leagues. Baseball was arguably one of, if not the most popular sport in America during this time. However, the league began to lose viewership when those players all began to announce their retirements. The MLB began to lack the elite talent it once had. Many people thought that the league would never be able to produce that kind of elite talent again, especially after the steroid era. However, that is not the case anymore after the recent spike in farm system talent. For those of you who do not know, the farm system is another name for the different levels of Minor League Baseball. In recent memory, the farm system has been producing elite talent year after year.

Some notable talent that has come up to the big leagues recently has been Francisco Lindor, Aaron Judge, Ian Happ and Yoan Moncada. The Minor League development system is beginning to pick up more steam then ever before. The reason behind this is because the last two World Series champions both built their teams from the farm system. These two teams, the Chicago Cubs and Houston Astros, are the trend-setters for the rest of the league.

These two organizations have proven that you can build a championship team through young prospects. They have teams such as the Minnesota Twins, Milwaukee Brewers and most notably the Chicago White Sox, buying into this method of stock piling prospects. While the Twins and Brewers are at the final stages of their rebuild, the Chicago White Sox are right in the middle. The Sox went through a complete roster overhaul last season, and the organization brought in a surplus of top prospects. While very risky, the organization is confident that the young talent in the minor leagues will be the next great wave of MLB players.

The trend both the Astros and Cubs have set has made the league more competitive. Many teams are trusting the young players in their respective organizations. Over the past few seasons, the division races have been very close, and have made the MLB more fun to watch.

However, there are still some things Major League Baseball needs to do to make baseball more entertaining. The league is currently talking about the many rule changes they can make to make the games go faster. One thing the league is trying to do is implement a pitch clock to speed up the pace of play. The goal is to try and modernize the game of baseball for the younger generation who like a faster typeof game.

This is one of the many things the league is trying to do to make the game of baseball even better. Baseball season is right around the corner, and I cannot wait to see the new and improved MLB. With the combination of elite young talent along with a faster pace of play, one could say Major League Baseball is back.