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I have found myself over the years finding it difficult to support candidates whether because they come off aloof (or fake), or they did not take the time to listen to their constituents or potential constituents, let alone just wanting to stand with big politics as usual. This duo is different. The fact that they live our lives in the same way we do budgeting and trying to make things better for all.

Senator Biss (9th district), obtained student loans and received degrees in mathematics, to which he became a professor at the University of Chicago before getting his start in politics. Representative Wallace (67th district), who’s running for Lt Governor, obtained her degrees, while being a single mom. She was a former counselor for those affected by substance abuse, crisis, and mental health issues before starting in politics.

These two have fought, wrote, passed legislation for the betterment of all, including HB2959 which “guarantees that health insurance companies may not discriminate based on pre-existing conditions” ; improve FMLA; applying term limits. Both Biss and Wallace have consistently voted in favor of increased public school funding, improving senior living, and for protecting the environment.

The bottom line is this: I’m excited about the Biss-Wallace duo because I’m ready for change in our state government. I have personally spoken with Senator Daniel Biss and I see that he is more than another politician, as he believes in fairness for the working class and their families. We have heard big money at the top for too long, so I’m ready for the guy who personally created legislation to reduce the influence of money in elections and works with small donors instead of writing himself million-dollar checks. So, let’s make a stand, make our voices heard and vote Biss and Wallace March 20. Not just for us, but for the future of Illinois because it is we: the hard-working, middle class, working class, disabled, elderly and our children, who deserve a fresh approach.

Tammie Brown

Beardstown Resident

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