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Don’t stop improving yourself

Karolina Orszulak, Courier Staff

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It is officially the beginning of March meaning that we have made it through two months of the new year already. Like most people, on Jan. 1, I claimed that I will strive to be a completely different person in 2018 and reach new goals. I am guilty of saying “New Year, New me” about 100 times in January but how many of us actually fulfil our goals by the end of the year?

Whatever your goals may be for 2018, if you’re having trouble sticking to your resolutions here are some ways to help you stay motivated.

Start small. If you’re someone who has never worked out a single day in your life, don’t promise yourself you will go twice a day to the gym for four hours! Start small and progressively build up to increase your goal. Maybe start by going 30 minutes a day, going four times a week or even walking to class instead of taking the bus. Starting an unrealistic goal will only make you want to quit faster, whereas starting at a reasonable pace will keep you on track and get your body used to a routine.

Write your goals down somewhere you know you will look at often like on your fridge, on your door, in your planner or even have a reminder on your phone. It is scientifically proven that our brain seems to remember things we personally write by hand versus on a laptop or phone. With that being said, you will always remember what your goals are. With a constant reminder, you won’t forget to follow through with your goal, whether that’s going to the gym, reading a chapter of your favorite book every day, or simply a reminder to clean your room. Being someone who loves making lists and writing things down, it helps me stay organized and motivates me to complete everything on my list.

Set up a reward system for yourself. One of my favorite things to do is spoil myself. As silly as it may sound, setting up a reward system for yourself may be the best way to motivate yourself. Waking up for my 9 a.m. class seems to get tougher and tougher as the semester goes on. Every week I promise myself that if I don’t attend every class that week, I can’t go out that weekend. As harsh as that may sound, it works for me. Sometimes I wake up not wanting to get out of bed and go to class but then I remind myself that if I don’t go, I can’t enjoy myself that weekend. Or if you’re someone who set up a New Year’s resolution to go to the gym and eat healthier for a whole month, you get to treat yourself with your favorite ice cream or even a day off of working out. Combining goals with the things you love as a reward not only keeps you motivated, but also keeps you happy.

Hopefully everyone is still perusing their New Year resolutions and hasn’t given up on them just yet. If you have given up already, I hope these quick and easy tips help you get back on track and help you reach your goals. Only 10 more months to go!

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Don’t stop improving yourself