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Road to Wrestle Mania continues with elimination chamber

Evan Williamson, Staff Writer

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The road to WrestleMania continued Feb 25, for the Elimination Chamber event. As the superstars of Monday Night Raw competed in a variety of matches. The night started with the pre-show which featured a tag team match featuring Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson versus The Miztouarage (Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel).

It was a relatively basic match. Nothing happened, but it was a nice way to get the crowd warmed up for the main show. The main show kicked off with a history-making match. It was the first ever Women’s Elimination Chamber match. An elimination chamber match is a six-superstar match, that takes place in a steel cage with a roof on it and four pods that house the other participants. Two would start the match and every five minutes another participant would enter.

A participant is eliminated by pinfall or submission. The last one standing wins. The Raw Women’s Championship was on the line, with Alexa Bliss the defending champion taking on Bayley, Mandy Rose, Mickie James, Sonya Deville, and Sasha Banks. Out of all the matches, I think this one was the least predictable which made it that more enjoyable. The women used the chamber as a weapon like their male counterparts. During the match, we saw a teased heel turn as Banks attacked Bayley (though it is every woman for themselves).

This could be a preview of a future match at WrestleMania. A problem I had with the match was that Sonya Deville was the second woman eliminated. She is a former mixed martial arts fighter and I feel like they could build her into a stronger character.

Alexa Bliss was victorious, at the end of the day. After the match, she had an in-ring interview. One of my favorite things in the modern era of WWE is breaking character (kayfabe). Bliss who is a heel broke character for a few moments before going right back into her persona in a brilliant display of why she is great on the mic.

She told ESPN “Those were real tears for a minute, and then I had to be mean. It was great because I knew what my next move was. I was very excited to how the crowd was going to react. I am very proud of the women’s division and genuinely happy that this happened and the fact that I got the “You deserve it!” chant from the crowd, I don’t take that for granted; it’s amazing for our fans to do, but at the end of the day, I’m the bad guy and I can’t have them cheering me. It wouldn’t be very Bliss of me if I thanked them for cheering me.”

The next match was a tag team championship match, which I believe was just to fill up time. It wasn’t a terrible match, but it was forgettable. Going back to the women it was Auska versus Nia Jax in a back and forth match that resulted in Auska staying undefeated. After the match, Jax tackled Auska through the barricade, much to the delight of Bliss.

We then saw the matchup between “Woken” Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt. It was a good match, but it was pretty much just a preview for the WrestleMania match up that they are most likely going to have. One month ago I talked about “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey joining the WWE and on Sunday she signed a RAW contract.

In a segment that everyone had been waiting for since the Royal Rumble, Rousey stood in the ring with Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Kurt Angle. Her stipulations for the contract was that she wanted no special treatment and wanted to be at WrestleMania. It was then announced that she would be competing at WrestleMania.

After a series of somewhat comedic events that revealed Stephanie McMahon and Triple H using her. Rousey put Triple H through a table, which was awesome. Stephanie then slapped her and ran away. With Rousey signing her contract, I think it is a safe bet that three years since the teased mixed tag team match, it is all but official for this year.

The final match was a seven man elimination chamber match. It was already pretty much established who was going to win but it was still decent. Roman Reigns won, much to the disappointment of most of the fans, and earned the right to face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.

Overall it wasn’t the best event, but its purpose is to build to on April 8 for WrestleMania 34, which should be another history making even

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Road to Wrestle Mania continues with elimination chamber