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“We’re people, not pawns,” read a quote from Student Member of the Board of Trustees, Wil Gradle, and the subtitle to the front page Wednesday. However, by censuring UPI, SGA has vacated their own stated neutrality and have become pawns, knowingly or not, of the University Administration, the other negotiating party. They have here engaged in the same unethical information asymmetry they accuse UPI of committing. By their own admission, as seen in Speaker Patrick Quinlan’s Letter to the Editor, the negotiation process “does not involve students, and for good reason.” Then why, I ask, is SGA inserting itself into them? While impartiality is their claim, it is not supported by their actions. While I do agree that instructors should not be using class time to promote UPI goals for the negotiation, there is nothing wrong with members picketing or passing out flyers, the Administration has those same capabilities, should they chose to do so. SGA’s claim that students should be removed from the negotiation process is also right, but they have not furthered that goal with this measure; perhaps they should by removing themselves, as a student body, from any future discussions of the matter.

Brendon Kepple

Political Science Student

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