Mrs. Grey will see you now

Emily Kenney, Staff Writer

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Another Valentines Day has come and gone, which means that another “50 Shades of Grey” movie is set to take over the theatres. This is one the guys can come too as well.

Yes, the movie does have the usual sex scenes, but focuses as a drama/action movie.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet and would not like any spoilers I would stop reading now.

As you may remember, the last movie ended with Christian Grey officially proposing to Anastasia Steele with all of Christian’s friends and family over for his birthday.

“50 Shades Freed” picks up with the wedding ceremony and goes straight into their honeymoon.

Their honeymoon was interrupted by none other than Mr. Jack Hyde.

For those who may not remember, Hyde was Anastasia’s boss before he threw himself onto Ana at work and was soon fired. Hyde managed to get into Mr. Grey’s office and get files about him and his family, then set a fire to try and hide his tracks.

With Mr. and Mrs. Grey back in the states, they soon realize that the first few months of their marriage is not what they thought it would be.

The honeymoon stage lasted much like the other movies, with many sex scenes. Except this time, Hyde and an accomplice are out to hurt the Grey’s.

Christian had to leave for business, which left Ana home with her bodyguards. Ana was supposed to go straight home after work because of all the scary instances going on recently. But, being who Ana is, she disobeyed Christian.

She missed her friend Kate and wanted to go have a drink with her. After they left the bar and came home Ana found herself being held captive by Hyde who had snuck into her house while she was away. Lucky for Ana, her bodyguards captured Hyde and saved Ana.

Later in the movie Hyde was set for bail, which Ana was nervous about. Which led her to the bathroom in the Courthouse getting sick.

For us girls, we knew right away that this wasn’t just sick to her stomach. She goes to the doctor because she missed her birth control shot, and finds out she is pregnant.

Ana told Christian and he was not happy at all. He left and when he finally came home he was drunk and handsy. When Ana got him into bed she grabbed his phone and set it next to the night stand where she saw he was with Elena (Ms. Robinson).

This took Ana, Christian and the viewers on an emotional roller coaster. Trust me don’t go watch this movies if you get caught up in the love lives of fictional characters.

Don’t worry though, the movie ended beautifully. The Grey’s made up and lived happily ever after.

There was a flashback montage of the previous two movies showing how they met, their first kiss, sailing on the boat, getting married and many other big moments in their relationship.

The movie ends in the red room, as it should. As credits start to role and people start to leave another scene pops up with Christian running in the yard with their little boy and shows Ana pregnant again but happy with her loving family.

During the movie you see car chases, another proposal, vacations, love, and hate.

The movie lasts around an hour and forty-five minutes, but leaves you wanting more.

The Grey’s had their highs and lows but leaves girls saying #goals on their Instagram’s. With this being the most recent “50 Shades” movie, what will next Valentine’s Day consist of?

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