The Return of Lindsey Vonn


Lindsey Vonn catches speed on the Downhill event.

Christopher Bean, Sports Writer

It’s been eight years since Lindsey Vonn competed in the Olympic Games for the United States of America. The talented alpine ski racer was well on her way to her fourth Olympics in 2014 at the Sochi, Russia Games. Those dreams ended on a heart shattering injury just a year before in February of 2013.

She was in the middle of her race when she lost her balance, and ended up losing one of her ski’s. She skidded helplessly about 40 feet in the snow. Vonn was airlifted to the hospital, when she found out she tore both her ACL and MCL. She miraculously came back from that horrible injury, proving why she’s the greatest women’s speed skier of all time.

Now in 2018, the 33- year-old isn’t slowing down, and getting ready to compete in her fourth Olympic games.

In her first year becoming professional at the age of 17 in 2002, she made the U.S. Olympic team. Vonn’s been a part of three Olympic teams (2002, 2006, and 2010). In those three appearances, she has won two medals, both coming in the Vancouver Games in 2010. One gold in the Downhill, and a bronze in the Super-G. The Downhill event was the first time a U.S. women’s team ever participated in that particular event.

Outside of her Olympic career, she has been nothing short of spectacular. Vonn won an impressive four World Cup overall championships. Three of those coming in a row, from 2008-2010. The other in 2012. The four championships are tied for first. The records don’t stop there. Vonn’s eight World Cups in Downhill (2008-13,15, and 16), five in the Super G (2009-12, and 15), and combined (2010-12). Making that 16 Discipline titles. In all the World Cup races she’s been in, she’s finished in first 81 times, second 35 times, and third 19 times. All together an unbelievable 135 top three finishes. She has 20 World Cup crystal globe titles, making that the all-time record in both men’s and women’s skiing.

Only one gold medal and one bronze medal isn’t enough for Vonn. If it wasn’t for the injury that came in 2013, she would’ve easily won more medals. But she hasn’t slowed down a bit, only working harder than she ever has. This time it will be her fourth Olympic appearance and nothing is holding her back. She will have a shot to add onto her two Olympic medals, and continue to prove why she’s the best in her sport, even at 33 years old.

If you were watching the Super Bowl last Sunday, you may have noticed Vonn in a couple of commercials. In one of them she was doing an ad for Bounty paper towels. The other one was emotional, showing her when she was a little girl first learning to ski, her accomplishments, and her injury in 2013. In the background, the song “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys was playing. It looks like Vonn will win yet another gold, which may have looked impossible just five years ago after the brutal injury. Watch out for her because she may very well win more medals in South Korea.