Clean the snow off our sidewalks

Allison Young, Opinions Writer

Is anyone else sick and tired of all of this snow? I know there are some people who absolutely love it, but I am not that person.  The reason behind my strong dislike for all of this snow is because I feel like the roads and sidewalks are barely even plowed.

 I am a freshman who lives all the way on the other side of Q-lot, and let me say that when there is snow, there is almost no sign of a plow. Thankfully there are some people who have early classes and make paths for others to walk through, but that should not be other students’ job.

 As someone who already struggles to get out of bed I don’t need any more excuses as to why I should not go to class. Let me tell you, snow might make it or break it for me one of these days.

 The problem is not only in Q-lot, but also all around campus. There are several other places where the roads and sidewalks need to be plowed.  If I would have to guess the reason why this is an issue it would be because there is not enough people to get the job done, or the school does not have enough money to pay several people to ensure that the snow is taken care of.

 I feel so strongly about this because when the roads aren’t plowed, students and even the community of Macomb are at a risk of wrecking their vehicles. The other night as I made a trip to get dinner, I could not even see the lines on the road and I could only drive 30 miles per hour, because if I drove any faster my car would slide all over the road.

 Now, think of all the students that live off campus and have to drive to class every day. And of course, there are always students walking across campus.

 I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people slip and almost fall, or I have almost done it myself. Students need to be able to feel like they will not be in harm’s way when walking to class.

 I think that if this problem is not taken care of it could cause issues for the school. I completely understand that our campus is a decent size, but it is not huge like other college campuses. There are not that many places that need to be plowed by the morning when students are out and about.

 It is only February, and it is going to snow some more just within the next few days! I hope all students stay safe when they walk, or drive to class. Be aware of the outside conditions and be cautious at all times.

 Soon enough it will be warm and beautiful outside and we will not have to worry about this problem, but for future situations students’ safety should always come first.