“Offset” uses controversial word in song

Jasmine Yates, Staff Writer

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Earlier this week Offset was featured on YFN Lucci song “ Boss Life” and got a lot of heat on the words he chose to say.

Both rappers talk about the glamorous life they have and also about the women in their lives.

“I cannot vibe with queers (uh-uh), I got the heart of a bear (huh), Bustin’ them down by the pair (bust down).” Offset said.

The word queer, which by definition means “strange; odd,” offended many people.   

Twitter star MNEK called Cardi B, Offset fiancé for not speaking on the subject.

“Offset saying he doesn’t vibe with queers while constanly wearing and PARADING clothes by gay designers is the REAL gag.” MNEK said.

Offset stated that he didn’t know what queer meant and that he didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Offset also stated that he didn’t know that the word would offend anyone. He respects all kinds of people and they have also influenced his love for fashion.

Offset isn’t the first person to use words like this, even though the hip hop genera have a history of homophobia.

Rappers use words like queer without fully understanding the meaning behind these words.

Cardi B defended him and many people didn’t like that she was taking his side on this issue. The word Queer has a history in the LGBTQ community of standing for not being straight. For a while, “queer” had a lot of connotative uses as well, implying that people were drunk, giddy, or happy.

Artist such as Eminem, Tyler The creator used similar sensitive terms in their rap songs. They have all gotten criticism from the LGBTQ community because of the language they use.

The LGBTQ community wants to inform people about the words that may offend their community. People should educate themselves on the LGBTQ community so we don’t run into problems like this.

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