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New Man finds the Perfect Wife

Tea Wheat, Staff Writer

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A love story beginning in a class room and growing to find itself rooted in fame and cats. Ed Sheeran, an English singer,songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, has finally found his perfect match.

Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Perfect” was inspired by his then girlfriend, now fiancé. Though the engagement took place just before the new year of 2018, news of Sheeran’s engagement to girlfriend Cherry Seaborn hit the media on Jan 20, 2018.

Upon releasing the engagement on Instagram, Sheeran stated that, they are

“very happy and in love” and that their “cats are chuffed as well.” Fans and cats alike, many have fallen in love with this couple’s love story in the days following the announcement.

Some are wondering, who exactly is Cherry Seaborn? This is a fair question from the general public and even from fans of Sheeran, as the relationship has been kept very private. Minimal photos of Sheeran and Seaborn have been taken, and minimal articles on them have been written throughout their time together.

Believe it or not, Seaborn, is someone that Sheeran has known since High School. Seaborn and Sheeran originally met at Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham, Suffolk. Upon graduating from high school Seaborn followed her dreams of moving to the states and attended Duke University in North Carolina, and is now known for her Hockey playing skills.

Various sources believe that Sheeran and Seaborn have been in a relationship since 2015, as their good friend Taylor Swift threw them a one-year anniversary party in 2016, though it is rumored that Sheeran had a crush on Seaborn even in high school.

As of late Sheeran has grabbed the attention of fans and the media,
not only with his newly announced engagement, but also due to his absence at the Grammys. Rumors began to fly on social media about why Sheeran may have “ghosted” the Grammys, but Sheeran quickly ended the rumors before they could begin.

The real reason Sheeran did not attend the Grammys? He was asleep. Though Sheeran may not have attended the Grammys, that did not hold him back from winning awards for both the best pop vocal album category and the best solo performance for number one hit “Shape of You.”

Sheeran shared a photo of his cat the next day, saying, “Woke up to the news I won

two Grammys last night. Thank you.” As the speculation simmered down, Sheeran also shared that his cat was doing a “celebratory dance”  and sent his undying love to all his fans. Sheeran may have spent the night with his fiancé and cats rather than at the Grammys, but his love for his fans and his music will never fade.

Though the hearts of many hopeful fans have been crushed by the news of Ed Sheeran’s recent engagement, it is evident that Sheeran is unbelievably smitten with his fiancé.    

Through many years of being together, Sheeran and Seaborn have persevered, and now raise a wonderful family of cats. As Sheeran stated, “I think when you have cats that’s kind of it.”

This New Man has finally found himself the Perfect woman, who will forever be on his A Team.

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New Man finds the Perfect Wife