1st Wednesday return to campus

Bradley Piros, Courier Staff

The Western Illinois University Department of Art is back this semester, continuing to put on the first “First Wednesday” event of the spring semester. If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s an “open house” put on by some of the art department’s professors and faculty, as well as at least 15 other students most nights. It consists of many hands-on art activities for the public to partake in, as well as the excellent University Art Gallery.

The department has put on this event for almost three years now, and it continues to get bigger with growing popularity. People of all ages, especially students, are encouraged to come on over to the Heating Plant Annex and Garwood Hall to participate in the numerous activities.

These activities include, but are not limited to printmaking collographs, silkscreen t-shirt making (participants are advised to bring their own shirts), ink and stick drawings, sculpting, pressed metal valentines, and many more. They also put on several art activities for the kids.

Professor and Head of the Art Department, Kat Myers, said that eight to ten professors come out with two or three student helpers of their own, totaling to 15 students. Myers specializes in metal and jewelry art, but each and every other professor has his or her own area of expertise that adds to each participants experience during the montly event.

“It’s definitely a group effort, everyone gets involved,” Myers said when explaining what has gone into organizing this event and keeping it running. The professors might be the backbone of the event, but Myers agrees that the students are a vital key to the success of the occasion.

Along with the activities, the University Art Gallery will be open that night as well for anyone to walk through and visit all of the exhibits. Some of the art on display at the gallery is Laken Bridges’ “An / other” and Dustin London’s “Inside Out.”

Currently, these are the only two exhibits open in the gallery, as they change every six to eight weeks.

This is the first of four events this semester, where there are other opportunities to join in. Anyone interested but has questions is advised to contact the Art Office or find the WIU Department of Art page on Facebook.

“It’s a lot of fun. We all enjoy doing it but it’s the people that come out who are the ones that make it what it is. Art is fun and necessary,” Myers said.