Movie About A Book, About A Making of A Movie: What Could Go Wrong?

Emily Kenney, Staff Writer

  To some “The Room” was a disaster, and to some it was art; but to all it’s a classic.  

  “The Room” is a movie that leaves the audience wondering,“What in the world were these people thinking?”  

  Lucky for us “The Disaster Artist” captured all the behind the scene moments portrayed from the book written by “Mark” himself, Greg Sestero.

    The Franco Brothers starred in the infamous behind the scenes remake of the Cult Classic.  

  A story based on broken Hollywood dreams and ambition, leads them down a winding road full of betrayal, laughs, and “oh hi mark.”  

  The movie is seen from Greg’s point of view.  It starts off with Greg at an improv class, where he finds Tommy being nothing but himself.  

Greg asks Tommy for acting lessons, and in normal Tommy matter, it was weird and eventful.

As the movie goes on, their friendship grows stronger.  That leads them to moving to L.A. to become actors in big movies.  

As a year goes by, nothing has happened for either of the friends. Tommy is slowing Greg down, and Greg is starting to have resentment towards him. As time goes on, Tommy started writing his own movie to stick it to the ‘man’. 

Thus bringing us the Cult Classic “The Room.”  

The second half of the movie, you see Tommy and Greg making the movie.  

There were many ups and downs between the friends.  Between Greg having a girlfriend, and

Tommy “losing” his friend, the duo goes through many hardships.

Greg got his foot in the door with a hit TV Show, but Tommy being petty; didn’t let Greg miss a day of shooting for the TV Show.  

This leads to a break in the friendship that was going to be hard to fix.  

Months go by, and Greg happened to drive past a billboard with Tommy’s face on it. It’s a billboard for the premiere of “The Room.”

  Greg, who is sick of Tommy and the way he was treated, did not want to go to the premiere. Tommy though, found Greg and insisted that he come.  

At the premiere, everyone started laughing which made Tommy upset. The movie was supposed to be serious, but instead turned into a comedy.

Greg talked to Tommy and insisted that it wasn’t a bad movie; everyone was enjoying themselves. By the end of the movie you see how life was for both of them before, during and after “The Room”.  

Their dream did come full circle this January, because both of them made it to the Golden Globes for “The Disaster Artist.”

Go behind the camera with Mr. Sestero.  See where he started, where he ended and everything in between.

The audience gets the chance to see how an unexpected friendship began and how fast they create an unbreakable bond. Travel from San Francisco to L.A. on an journey with Greg and Tommy that is unlike any other.