Bring more health food to Union

Allison Young, Opinions Editor

As a second semester freshman at Western I really enjoy spending time in the Union every day, because it is a friendly environment for all students, and I get to see my friends that I would not normally see throughout the day. But when it comes time to eat, I dread going to the Union because there are not many healthy food choices available.

 I have always been told to be careful of the freshman fifteen and in high school I truly did not believe the day would ever come that I would gain any weight. But now I have put on more than fifteen pounds and I only have one semester under my belt as a college student.

 Since second semester has begun, I have decided to live a healthier life style. I’m working out three times a week and eating as healthy as possible. But when I am at the Union I feel even more restricted because there is a lack of healthy food options available. 

 As most students know, the restaurants in the Union are all based around fast food. I would say that the two healthiest options would be available at Rocky’s One Stop Shop and Colonel Rock’s Bistro. When students are on the go, the Bistro is not always the best option available.

 As for the One Stop Shop, there are some options that are on the healthier side, but personally the premade salads are not very appealing, or appetizing to me. I can’t help but wonder if I am the only student that feels like they have the same issues with the food offered at the Union.

 During the fall semester, I would meet up with all of my friends to have our daily cheese pizza and bread sticks from Sbarro, but now we all go our separate ways for lunch because of the lack of options available to eat in
the Union.

 Sometimes we meet up at Corbin-Olsen but normally it is just out of the way and inconvenient for all of us. If healthier options were provided for students I feel that it would be beneficial for everyone.

 I know of several students who have restrictions on their diet and feel even more restricted by the food in the Union. By adding more options such as fresh fruit, vegetables, and salads that are fresh, all students would be allowed to enjoy the socializing space that is provided without having to go get lunch or a snack somewhere else that might be out of their way.

 Another solution to the issue would be to add some healthier food options in Rocky’s One Stop Shop or a kiosk set up during busier hours of the day with food options like trail mix, dried fruit, lunch meat, etc. Obviously, this would be an investment for the University but it would be beneficial to many students like my friends and I.