Pitch Perfect 3 Hits a High Note

Emily Kenney, Staff Writer

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Buckle up kiddos because you’re in for a ride.  The Bella’s go on a journey around the world for one final hurrah.  

If you were skeptical about going to see the new, and last edition to the Pitch Perfect franchise, I wouldn’t blame you.  

The way I see it; the first one was the best, second one did not live up to the hype, and the third one was right in the middle.  “Pitch Perfect 3” definitely was a great way to end the Bella’s story line with giving us all closure.  

As always, the movie focuses most of its attention on Beca and Fat Amy. But our Bella favorites: Chloe, Aubrey, Emily, Cynthia, and Lilly are still around. Stacie makes an appearance at the beginning and end of the movie, but her character did not have a big role in the last edition.  

The movie takes place three years after we last saw the Bella’s in their graduation gowns.  They are all for the most part, working in the adult world.  

Like most, they are more than excited to escape the real world and get back together with the girls at the Bella’s “reunion.”  Dressed up in their Bella attire, ready to sing again, come to find out they were just there to watch the current Bella’s perform.  

Saddened by the events during the night, Aubrey comes up with a plan to go perform at the USO, a concert for the troops.

The girls wanting to relive their college lives are all in for the trip and fly out to Spain, to find out that the best band gets to open for none other than DJ Khalid.  

Chloe excited about the competition finds the man of her dreams once they arrive on the Air Base.  As for Fat Amy, the man of her nightmares finally finds her.  

The movie does have more than one story line, which is refreshing from the typical “we have to win this competition” movie they are known for.  

As always though, the movie is very funny and is worth the watch.  They have rock, rap/EDM, country and pop genres this time around so there is music for everyone.  “The Pitch Perfect Sound track” wouldn’t be the same without the traditional Riff-Off.  

On the sound track there are spin-offs of hit songs such as “Toxic” by Britney Spears, “Ex’s and Oh’s” with a country twist, “Cheap Thrills”, and “Cake By the Ocean.”  

I would give the movie an 8 out of 10.  I love a good comedy and I am a fan of the Pitch Perfect franchise.  Also, if you don’t want to see a long movie, don’t worry it is only an hour and a half long.  

The movie is rated PG-13, but it is a good time waster, and great movie to just go out and watch with friends and family.  

If you are someone who likes Rotten Tomatoes’ ratings, the movie was rated a 31% but the audience rated it a 52%.                 

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