Alyssa Hohman, Edge Editor

“The Greatest Showman” isa musical film that celebrates the life of P.T. Barnum and his vision. The storyof Barnum is a rags to riches story and it details the hardships that Barnum and his family endure before he finally finds success.

The trailer shows a very bright, colorful and elaborate film. The costumes look incredible, just from the trailer, and were designed by Ellen Mirojnick. The movie stars Hugh Jackman as P.T. Barnum, Zac Effron, Michelle Williams, Zendayaand more.

There’s one particular quotethat stood out during thetrailer, “no one ever made a difference by being like someone else.” The quote leads me to believe that the movie will celebrate differences. Barnum takes the people that the rest of the world has cast aside, those with unrecognized talents and the people that he thinks deserve a chance and puts them in his show. He understands that his show will be incredibly unpopular, at least at the start and does his best to keep up the moral of his performers.

The trailers for this film show many dramatic scenes and parts of the performances from the circus, and hopefully there is a lot more like that in the movie. I think that this film will be very interesting and do look forward to seeing it. “The Greatest Showman” comes out Dec. 20.