24th Annual Holiday Festival of Choirs was the perfect way to kick of the holiday season

Alyssa Hohman, Edge Editor

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The Holiday Festival of Choirs celebrated its twenty-fourth year recently. The concert featured The Western Illinois University Singers, The Western Concert Choir and The Western Madrigal Singers. It also included special guests like the Macomb High School Madrigal Singers and Concert Choir as well as the 60 Voice Holiday Festival Children’s Choir. The concert lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes and was absolutely beautiful.

 The concert was held in the St. Paul Catholic Church here in Macomb. The church was beautiful with its arched ceilings, chandeliers and stained glass windows. It was a very serene setting and really set the tone of the concert even before it started. The performers were lined up around the walls of the church with The Western Choirs in the center of the church to start. The groups did switch around a couple times throughout the concert. The acoustics were phenomenal so when the groups were singing the voices resonated throughout the church for a very full sound.

 Western’s Choirs sang beautifully. The two groups are very talented and well directed. The groups had such a rich sound and were so well balanced with high and low voices. Many of the songs the groups performed were also done a cappella (without instruments) and it was absolutely beautiful.

 My favorite piece performed by the University Choirs was called Stars and the singers, which used glasses filled with water, tuned to certain notes, to add to the sound of the piece. The glasses sounded like what you would imagine twinkling lights would sound like. It was really beautiful and unique and greatly added to the concert.

 The Macomb High School Choirs and the children’s choir also did a wonderful job. I really liked to hear the progression from the children’s choir to the high school students to the college students. It is so neat to listen to the groups mature in their sound.

 This concert was also unique because as the choirs were switching to the center of the church, they performed common Christmas songs and put the lyrics on the back of the program so the audience could sing along.

 I was truly impressed with this concert and although there are no more performances this semester,you can check for upcoming performances online by going to wiu.edu/cofac.

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