The Punisher proves to demonstrate a good relationship between Marvel and Netflix

Matthew Armour, Courier Staff

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After fans went crazy for the Punisher in Netflix’s original series “Daredevil,” the online streaming media service decided to produce their own series starring Jon Bernthal. Released last month, “The Punisher” delivers a show of brutality, violence and justice.

After Frank Castle (Bernthal) finishes his revenge mission — of brutally murdering New York’s organized criminals and anyone that was responsible for the park
massacre that left his wife and two children dead after returning home from war — Castle abandons his body armor having finally fulfilled his need for revenge. Leading the world to believe that the brutal vigilante alias that he established for himself — The Punisher — is dead, Frank tries to live in the shadows and move on from his demons.

However, that shadow life does not last long when Castle’s military past comes back to haunt him and finds himself right in the middle of a government conspiracy without knowing how deep it goes or who to trust with the fact that he is indeed alive.

Jon Bernthal captures the role perfectly, demonstrating a range in his acting abilities not only during exciting scenes of action and violence, but also emotionally by showing vulnerability and character growth. Yes, you just read that right, emotion from one of the most violent comic book anti-heroes. Throughout the course of the show, you see how Castle is a three-dimensional character because of how the death
of his family haunts him every day. In addition, his time in the Marine Corps that he just wants to leave in his past haunting him only adds insult to injury.

In terms of the plot, while somewhat of a slow start, keeps you engaged in the story as the Department of Homeland Security begins investigating these suspicious circumstances and raises questions that are not immediately answered.

“The Punisher” is a fresh take on what the Marvel and Netflix partnership can
offer because the staff producing have done a good job to have this show largely separate from the others, so Marvel fans won’t have to worry about other characters and villains such as ancient, immortal ninjas, or anything along those lines.

This definitely seems to be a promising start for the series and it will be exciting to see how this series continues into the future. Fans can expect a second season next fall.

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