Dunkin Donuts brings miracle to Macomb

Jason Adams, Courier Staff

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The holidays are a time of great joy for people all across the world. It’s a time of sharing and being together with family and friends. So many great things come during the holiday season; caroling, taking a picture for your holiday card, decorating your house, the list goes on and on. The good boys and girls in Macomb have received an early holiday treat this year, some may even call it a holiday miracle. The Dunkin Donuts is finally open. After months of plans and building and delays, the Dunkin Donuts on Jackson St. is finally open for business. Rumors of its opening have gone all the way back to last fall, but more finalized plans for it came in March of this year. Funding issues delayed the project a couple months but it has finally come together. The doors to the heavenly sanctuary for college students on a budget and anyone who gets up way before humanly possible opened yesterday. This may be one of the safest store openings for a while, as many of Macomb’s finest seem to be looking over the security of the establishment, according to their Facebook page.

So what does this mean for Macomb? Well for one, there are now more options in terms of coffee and ice cream as well. The only designated coffee place in Macomb is the Study, as well as Dividends for students. Dunkin is definitely a more affordable option than the other choices, although I still can’t resist some of the holiday drinks at Starbucks. Anyway, many students and locals are excited about the new coffee option for that quick caffeine fix. The new location also brings a Baskin Robbins which will give Macomb a new ice cream option. Unfortunately local hot spots like Dairy Queen and F.Y.I. close for the winter months. That left the only option for ice cream during the winter even fast food places, which have a very limited selection.

 The issue with this is that ice cream is not a seasonal food. Ice cream tastes good year round. I have literally walked to work in a blizzard while eating an ice cream cone, and I’ll tell you it tastes just as good then as it does in the summer time. Maybe a little better because you have to work for it. You can eat ice cream at any point in the year and no one will judge you. The Baskin Robbins will give more ice cream options (31 to be exact) as well as other ice cream related treats all year round.

 As we approach this exciting time of holiday activities and late night studying sessions for finals, we will have coffee to look forward to. We have ice cream as well but I’m sure coffee will help more with staying up late. Anyways, the holidays are almost upon us and for anyone looking for gifts for college students or even high school students, consider the gift of coffee. Please, we will use it.

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