Justice League

Alyssa Hohman, Edge Editor

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“Justice League,” the newest film to the, DC Comic universe has not lived up to expectations. It fell short in the box office and has not been well received by fans. This most recent movie is just another flop in the DC Universe.  Other recent DC films that have had major hype prior to release that do not live up to their expectations include “Superman vs. Superman,” “Green Lantern,” “Suicide Squad” and many more. “Wonder Woman” is the exception to the DC rule and actually lived up to and even surpassed what people expected out of  it. So when “Justice League” was released, I was not anticipating anything stellar.

 The film was just not that great. From the overly complicated plot to the unbalanced characters, the movie fell flat. Superman (Henry Cavill) was way too powerful in this movie, there doesn’t seem to be a point to all the superhero’s joining together, if one all powerful superhero could do all the work. Superman is given so much power that he is able to take out all of his colleagues single-handedly.  The ending of the movie was also completely dominant on Superman, yet he was hardly in the film.

 The rest of the acting wasn’t much better, with the only shining star being Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. The Flash (Ezra Miller) was made to be much too nerdy and he wasn’t believable as a superhero. Additionally the character was super awkward when I think he was supposed to be funny.

 The worst thing about the movie was the unity boxes. This felt like a direct rip-off of Marvel’s infinity stones. The infinity stones in the Marvel Universe are these all powerful stones that when together are an unbeatable force, the unity boxes are basically the same thing, and it was not good.

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