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A giant inconvenience, but a worthy one

Grayson Stoik, Courier Staff

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It’s no secret that Thompson Hall residents have a shortage of nearby parking, leaving many people asking the question, “why is there one small parking lot for an 18-floor residence hall?” This problem seems to become more relevant as it gets colder in Macomb.

There just so happens to be plenty of parking on campus for those with a car, and the walk to a parking spot really isn’t far away at all. Most people at Thompson Hall will end up parking at the Q-lot in front of the Recreation Center and walking to the residence hall.

 There is no such thing as “free parking” in this world. Every parking lot you see was once a dense dwelling of life. A parking lot may have been home to plant-life and critters; they’ve been sacrificed for the practicality and availability of our institution. Our school is equipped with a more than-adequate parking scheme, leaving no reason to destroy more of the beautiful forest that surrounds our school.

 While this walk seems like a giant inconvenience, it isn’t nearly as bad as the alternative. The alternative being deforestation and destruction for the sake of a little less walking. On your walk, you may even get to meet one of the many critters who call this campus home, and who benefit greatly from every inch of unpaved space they have left.

 A recent article from the Courier addressed student’s concerns about the lack of parking. This article was accompanied by social media feedback of both current students and alumni. “As an alumni who attended Western Illinois University prior to Go West Transit being implemented and living in Higgins Hall I had no problem parking in Q-Lot and walking to the hall,” One alumni, Steven Beck, replied on Facebook. “College is about experiences and living and some of the walks from Q-Lot you could possibly see a deer running or other animals or even make a new friend.”

 Other commenters seemed to come together under that banner of struggle as a positive bonding experience. All in all, while many see the lack of parking as a negative thing, most alumni remember it as an experience of growth during their college years.

“Thompson was at much higher capacity when I lived there in ‘09 and we just weren’t freaking lazy and walked the one block to Q-lot if we couldn’t park,” said another Facebook user and former student, David Giltzow.

 As a current student, and friend of several Thompson students, I don’t believe the outcry about parking has as much to do with laziness as it does with the failed expectation of parking that parallels housing capacity. But maybe along that walk from Q-lot we will find ourselves enjoying the moment. That walk may just become a peaceful part of your everyday schedule that you look forward to… if you allow it.

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A giant inconvenience, but a worthy one