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Manson’s new album has a horror feel to it

Brie Coder, Courier Staff

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 With Halloween just around the corner, Marilyn Manson’s new studio album will leave you feeling like you are in a horror film. The shock rocker recently released “Heaven Upside Down,” a 48 minute concept album, which has a similar sound to his older work. 

 Those who listen to Manson know that his music revolves around violence and living the rock star lifestyle. There are a few songs off the album that are easy to translate.

“Saturnalia” is the longest song off the album by eight minutes. The intro begins with a synthesizer, fast guitar riffs and Manson humming. One would think when hearing it that it would be about something dark, however it’s quite the contrary. “Saturnalia” is about astrological elements, including the Solar Eclipse that occurred back in August. The
song ends with the lyrics “Blinded by blackness, just empty shells, in the deafening void, of our last sunset.”

 “Heaven Upside Down,” another song off the album, is a dedication piece to Manson’s father who passed away while the album was being recorded. Other songs off the album are graphic and may not suit many people.  Though the album has dark themes, it has not stopped fans from making
a purchase. Since its release on Oct. 6th, the album has already sold 32,000 copies.

 Marilyn Manson whose real name is Brain Warner, has taken the rock world by storm since 1989. For years Manson has been known as a controversial figure, who’s loved by young adults and despised by parents. His character is known for a wild stage pressence, bizarre music and of course, influencing adolescence to worship evil creatures. Though his pre-
sence may seem intimidating, Manson has created  legacy in music. Prior to his solo work, Manson fronted a band that was named  after him. The Marilyn Manson Band received three platinum and three gold awards on their albums, along with two number-one albums.

 Manson is not only a successful musician, but plays a part in many charities. When he is not making records or touring, he participates in Make-A-Wish Foundation and Little Kids Rock, a charity that provides music education and instruments to low-income families.  Additionally, Mason also works with Project Nightlight, an organization that encourages children and teenagers to speak out about physical and sexual abuse.

 Currently Manson has postponed nine concert dates due to an onstage injury on Oct. 1st. However, he will be performing again Oct. 15th in Grand Prairie, Texas.

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Manson’s new album has a horror feel to it