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“Grey’s Anatomy” is back and better than ever

Kaylee Kramer, Courier Staff

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 The one thing that makes “Grey’s Anatomy” such an interesting show to continue to watch season after season is the complexity of the stories. There is the continuous story as we follow the lives of the doctors working in the hospital as well as many smaller stories, each episode, surrounding the different patients.

 Last week’s episode of “Grey’s Anatomy” left the viewers right after Amelia Shepherd (Caterina  Scors-one), found out she had a massive tumor, leaving fans to anxiously wait a week to find out what was going to happen. 

 This week’s episode, “Go Bigor Go Home,” which aired last Thursday, was a wonderful episode. It started off with Shepherd avoiding telling all of her close friends, coworkers, family and her husband about the tumor in her brain. Instead, Shepherd calls an old friend back to work to console her through this process.

 Yet, throughout the episode she consistently mentions that she should not have called him due to his bluntness and differing opinions. Shepherd finds out that she has had this tumor for over 10 years and needs to figure out a way to tell her close family and friends.

 Shepherd is a well-liked character on this show and it is definitely a
twist that Shonda Rhimes, who is an executive screenwriter along with a producer, has thrown at viewers once again. While most of this episode focuses on Shepherd, as she tries to figure out her options with her tumor, it also prominently features Chief of Surgery Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). Bailey is worried about how her hospital is functioning as she finds out Harper Avery (Jesse Williams) is coming to check in on it.

 Bailey is a strong willed character within this show and you see a different side of her this episode; she is beyond stressed trying to make everything perfect. For example, she was upset that a woman in labor was moaning in pain because that was not a prime
example of a well running hospital, which is not like her.

 While it seems that “Grey’s Anatomy” only focuses on being in the hospital, this is a truly addicting show that has so many storylines throughout the season, you do not want to miss out. This is an emotional show that has many viewers addicted for many more seasons to come. Check out the next episode airing on ABC next Thursday, October 12th at 7 p.m.

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“Grey’s Anatomy” is back and better than ever