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Linkin Park and friends to pay tribute to Chester Benington

Brie Coder, Courier Staff

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On Friday, October 27, the remaining members of Linkin Park will put on a concert in honor of vocalist Chester Bennington, who took his life in July. The sold-out event will take place at the Hollywood Bowl in California.

Not only will Linkin Park be the headlining band to pay homage to their late band member, but many other bands will perform for the event as well. Some of those bands include Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me The Horizon, Blink-182, Korn, Machine Gun Kelly and System of a Down.

Prior to the benefit concert, rapper Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park was hesitant to keep the band performing after Bennington’s passing. Shinoda stated in an interview with KROQ radio in Los Angeles, that he didn’t think Linkin Park would continue making music.

“When the glue to your foundation crumbles, how do you go forward? Chester was the glue to our band. His voice impacted the people,” Shinoda said. “We as a band can’t hold a candle to that,” states Shinoda. With the guidance of legendary music producer Rick Rubin, Shinoda came to the conclusion that the fans want to see Linkin Park one more time.

Chester Bennington passed away on July 20, by taking his own life. The shock spread like wildfire amongst fans and the music community. No one thought Bennington’s life would end so suddenly. 

Bennington began his career with Linkin Park in 2000 when the bands first album “Hybrid Theory” gained popularity. He would continue singing with the band up until his passing this
year. Bennington was also a vocalist for groups such as Stone Temple Pilots and Dead by Sunrise.

For many years, Bennington struggled with mental illness. His traumas including sexual abuse, depression and drug usage affected the late singer in many ways. Prior to his death Bennington told Rolling Stone magazine that his mind was a “bad neighborhood, which he was afraid to walk alone in.” In many of his songs such as “In the End,” “Breaking the Habit,” “Crawling,” and “Heavy,” Bennington was conveying his personal struggles in his music. In the end he was looking for guidance and for someone to understand him.

When his passing made news, many musicians came forth to be a part of the movement devoted to suicide prevention. Musicians created the You Rock Foundation, as a platform to speak out about their struggles to their fans. The goal of the foundation is to inform people that mental illness can occur to anyone. Bennington’s legacy gave a voice to fans and musicians to not be afraid to speak out about their mental health. 

As of now, there are no plans in the near future for Linkin Park to make any more performances/albums after this tribute concert. This event in itself will be a great way for the band along with many others to give their condolences to the late singer and his family.

If there is one thing this concert is promoting, it is to never be afraid to speak up about mental health. Many people struggle to find help, but there is always a resource for those in need.

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Linkin Park and friends to pay tribute to Chester Benington