Foo Fighters ” Concrete and Gold” does not disappoint

Brie Coder, Courier Staff

 After a three-year wait, fans were more than eager to hear that the Foo Fighters were
making another album. Their most recent album “Sonic Highways, released in 2014,
was based on a miniseries created by lead vocalist Dave Grohl. The series told of how
certain cities in America created large musical influences. On Sept. 15, Grohl and the
band decided to take a different approach for their newest album, “Concrete and Gold.”

 If there is one thing that makes the Foo Fighters a great band, it is how each album
is different from the previous. The approach behind “Concrete and Gold,” was focused
on humanity as a whole, and the desire for escapism.

 One thing that stands out throughout the album is the lyrical content. On the first song “T-Shirt,” it starts off in a lullaby with Grohl singing “I just don’t wanna be king…just trying to keep my t-shirt clean.” The volume picks up halfway through with more guitars and drums with the lyrics: “There’s one thing that I have learned, if it gets much better, it’s going to get worse.” Though the song is under two minutes, it has a powerful meaning. When asked what the song meant, Grohl stated it was based on President Donald Trump’s inauguration, along with how life will change, and how he’s not sure if it’ll be for the better. The Foo Fighters as a band generally aren’t too political. They do a fine job not throwing their political beliefs into their music. When you listen to it, you would have never thought it was referencing the election.

Another popular song off the album is “Run.” The music video for the song takes place at a nursing home. It starts off with a nurse coming in to make sure her patient takes his medications. After a long stare down between the nurse and patient, the nurse threatens him that he will suffer the consequences if he does not take them. Tired of being pushed around the man goes to out to the social room to hear a much older Foo Fighters. “Run” starts off slowly, Grohl starts the introduction with, “Wake up. Run for your life with me.” Once the first verse plays, the music gets wild, and so do the people.  You see the elderly rebel by dancing, throwing their canes at their nurses, et cetera. It’s a masterpiece of a music video ending in the group doing a Michael Jackson “Thriller,” dance. “Run” was the first song to be released by the band prior to the album release.

 “The Sky is a Neighbor-hood,” has a different approach than the other two songs. This song focuses more on the universe. “You look up at the night sky, you realize that you’re not only part of the universe, but the universe is part of us. It really moves me,” Grohl stated to Rolling Stone magazine. The music video shows the band standing on the roof with alien like eyes, while two girls below are reading a book about the aliens above them. Taylor Hawkins’ percussion playing in this song is very catchy.   

 There are many more great songs off the album including “Sunday Rain,” with percussionist Taylor Hawkins on vocals and Paul McCartney on drums. Justin Timberlake adds backing vocals on “La Dee Da,” and many more different artists throughout the album.

Overall I think this album is top notch. Foo Fighters have a way of meeting expectations and also know how to transition to modern music. For a band that started in 1994, they know how to please fans of all ages. I can’t agree with “Rolling Stone” giving this album at 3.5 out of 5 star rating. I give this a 5 out of 5 star rating.

 Currently the Foo Fighters are starting their North American tour.  They will be performing  at the State Farm Center in Champaign, Il on Wednesday, Nov. 8. Tickets are still on sale ranging from $50-100.