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Bucky Covington Returns to the stage

Shyanne Thomas, c

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 Quick question, where are all of my “American Idol” fans at? Yeah, I see you girl, me too. It seems like it was just yesterday that I was laying on my parent’s bed watching all of the talented (and some not so talented) singing their hearts out on stage trying to be America’s favorite. Those were the good ol’ days… but do you ever wonder what happens to those who make it down to the top 10 or 8 that do not end up winning, such as David Cook, Jordan Sparks, or even Bucky Covington? Yeah, they get some
sort of a deal and make some songs/albums along the way, but they don’t compare to those who actually won.

 Hold up, did I say Bucky Covington; I believe I did. Take a second and think all the way back to season 5 of “American Idol”. I’ll paint a picture to help you remember: kind of tall; sung a lot of country; long, wavy blonde hair; had some messed up teeth that Simon told him he needed to fix; and placed 8th that season. Still not ringing a bell for you? Maybe his name will ring a bell after hearing some of his most popular songs, including: “A Different World,” “I’ll Walk,” or “It’s Good to Be Us.” Now it’s all coming back to you, right?

Well, this past Saturday, August 26th, Bucky was in Plymouth, IL performing at their Old Settlers Days… FOR FREE! .Originally, he was supposed to come along and just perform acoustically,but he ended up bringing the band, The Half  Paids as he called them, jokingly.Now let me tell you something, I have never seen anyone move the way he does on stage; sometimes I even questioned if he even had bones in his legs the way those things moved. He sure knows how to put on a spectacular show and interact with the crowd. Heck,he even let my little 3-year- old niece up on the stage with him and the band.

Now, I bet you are wondering where he has been all of this time, right? Well, you know, when you have a child… they take up a WHOLE lot of your time, which is why you haven’t heard anything new from him these past few years. Good news though, Bucky is in the making of his next album AND he even sang us one song off of it at the concert! The song is called “I’m Saying Something” and it’s just one of those songs that tugs at your heartstrings for all of you in relationships; it is a must listen! So, you know, be on the lookout for that new album coming out, but for now,you can find his new songs on iTunes as well. Oh! And just a little fun fact, his teeth are now fixed and his twin brother, Rocky, is also his drummer and can sing!

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Bucky Covington Returns to the stage