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New Stephen King film “It” sparks real life horror

Alyssa Hohman, Edge Editor

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 Based on the horror novel by Stephen King the film “IT” was released into theaters Thursday. The film follows seven kids and their encounters with a terrifying creature that only comes appears every few decades. The have to do their best to fight off and escape the creature throughout the film. The creature is able to change its form in order to prey on its victim’s the best, in the case of this film and book that form, in this story, is a clown called Pennywise. 

 People have been going nuts about this movie for months. From clown only showings to wild pranks, fans are going wild. After the “Wonder Woman” film had a female only showing of the film in Texas, fans of “It” joked about wanting a clown only showing of the movie and one theater agreed. So, on September 8th Almo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, had a clown only showing of the film it. According to an article on Mashable, the screening was preceded by a carnival themed party that included fun carnival
activities like raffles, face painting and more. 

 Not all of the fan activities were so positive though, some people have been executing eerie and even terrifying pranks. One, rather harmless prank that seems to be taking over the country, is simply a red balloon tied to a storm grate. The prank seems to have originated in Pennsylvania but has been done in Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, Oklahoma and more. The creepy prank has caused quite a stir on social media and the news, covered by everything from small papers to sources like NBC, ABC, Time and Fox, to name a few. 

 A teenager has also got quite a bit of attention after he dressed up his little brother as Pennywise from the movie and did a whole photo shoot with him. The teen did all of the costuming and photos himself which in itself is an impressive feat, but combine that with the fact that his subject was a toddler, makes the whole thing even more impressive! The images are very well done and very unsettling. The brothers did an excellent job and have successfully terrified many.

 The crazy clown craze seems to be taking over and those who are involved in the happy clown profession are none too happy about it. With all of this negativity and horror surrounding clowns these days, it is ruining the good clown’s reputation. It will be interesting to see if the craziness calms down or if it will continue as time goes on or if it will just get crazier as the movie becomes more popular. Though I do anticipate that there will continue to be many terrifying clown costumes come Halloween.

It will be also interesting to see how scary the movie actually is. Often times horror movies are not nearly as frightening as they are intended to be. With all of the hype surrounding this film I truly hope that it will live up to it. It seems that these days the “horror” movies rarely seem to be terrifying but rather mildly spooky at best with the occasional, and predictable jump scare.

 All in all, I am really looking forward to this movie and I hope  am scared out of my seat! Stay tuned for the review.

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New Stephen King film “It” sparks real life horror