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The LA Beast: disgustingly entertaining

Tim Stanko

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Kevin Strahle, also known as The LA Beast, is an American Youtube personality who is known mostly for his bizarre eating challenges, as well as bringing Crystal Pepsi back into the consumer market. His most recent video consists of him attempting an eating challenge made popular in the 2004 comedy flick, “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle” where he consumes 30 burgers, 5 orders of fries and 4 cherry cokes. Strahle has any other feats of excellence, which include consuming a gallon of honey while covered in bees, eating pencils and swallowing 15 whole hotdogs.

Strahle’s most popular video has 15 million views, and consists of him drinking a 20-year-old Crystal Pepsi. After he finishes he bottle he claims that he had a favorable experience, which is followed by a brief vomit warning as he then throws up the challenge he just completed. Strahle is very fond of the discontinued Crystal Pepsi drink. In fact, his love of the drink is so strong that Pepsi had brought the product back to the consumer market for a moment in 2016, and thenagain at the beginning of 2017.

Personally, on my list of Strahle’s top challenges isthe gummy bear challenge. In this challenge, you will find him eating a 5-pound bag of sugar-free gummy bears. Despite warning reviews on Amazon, the LA Beast tackles the challenge head-on, unafraid of the unpleasant future that likely awaits him. After completing his hard-fought challenge, he spends a significant amountof time on the toilet, as he was warned. He is not disappointed.

Another favorite on the list are his attempts at many different gauntlet challenges. The challenges include many of his previous feats brought back on his own or his fans’ initiative. Some of the tasks in his gauntlets include eating raw eggs in the shell, followed by munching on a cactus and then eating his favorite sugar free gummy bears. Continuing his attempt, he downed four ghost peppers, cooled the heat down with a Red Bull and milk concoction and finally completed his journey by washing it all down with a 23-year-old bottle of Crystal Pepsi. He does multiple of these with mixed results from each, but they rarely disappoint anyone.

In the long run, my favorite challenge he attempts is trying to drink an entire gallon of Tabasco sauce. This is not only my favorite because it includes a mass quantity to be consumed, but it is also in itself an incredibly spicy challenge. He must complete this challenge without the aid of anything to cool he heat down, which, in turn, makes the level of difficulty for the task incredibly high.

Overall, The LA Beast is by far one of the most entertaining Youtube channels you can watch. But I must give a vomit alert for many of his videos, so viewer beware. If you do not mind vomit and are not grossed out by consumption of large amounts of food, I would recommend The LA Beast as a fun way to pass time, or even a way to spend a night in while hanging out with friends.

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The LA Beast: disgustingly entertaining