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ANTIFA is a hypocrtical group

Patrick Quinlan

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In a repeat of February’s protests of conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos, University of California Berkeley students and residents were back at it again a few weeks ago after pro-President Donald Trump activists held a “Patriot Day” celebration. Their positive rally couldn’t go on without ANTIFA (Anti-Fascists) — a left-wing group that claims to oppose fascism — making their presence felt and bringing violence to what would have been a celebratory and peaceful event. According to Mercury News, fights quickly broke out between the ANTIFA aggressors and the formerly peaceful Trump activists, leading to 11 injuries, 6 hospitalizations, 20 arrests, and police seizing “a handful of cans of peppers spray, some knives and dozens of sign and flag poles, skateboards and other blunt objects” from members of the crowd. Some ANTIFA members threw smoke grenades and used pepper spray. One female ANTIFA supporter, who was punched in the face by a male California State Stanislaus student, wrote on her personal Facebook page that she was “determined to bring back 100 Nazi scalps.”

I guess I missed the memo where inciting violence and attacking your political opponents was a progressive tactic. Granted, most of the people actually committing this violence are communists or anarchists — ANTIFA’s flags and symbols usually involve red and black, colors associated with anarchists and communists and some ANTIFA websites actively show anarchist and communist symbols. It’s ironic because most of the people in that number, anarchists, specifically, claim that we don’t need a government to have law and order, and then contradict that claim by their very own actions. Regardless, it should go without saying who is in the right and wrong here. Although some left-leaning outlets — like Mother Jones, for example — have freaked out about the female protestor getting punched, I say if you go into a peaceful event with the intent to bring violence to it, regardless of your political affiliation, don’t be surprised if you get violence in return. Don’t bring violence into peaceful arenas and you won’t have to worry about it.

So yes, I am vehemently anti-ANTIFA, because introducing violence into the political arena is a tactic that is only used by those who have lost the argument. ANTIFA is desperate to implement their nonsense — and yes, communism is economically incoherent nonsense, as outlined by Ludwig von Mises — but they not only fail to convince average people to support them, they seek to forcefully impose their will on said average people. This isn’t just about free speech anymore; this is about law and order against chaos and savagery, rationality and argume-ntation against political-based violence. Philadelphia’s ANTIFA official site claimed early in April that, “we take mischaracterizing people as Nazis seriously,” and then in the very next sentence say that, “We would also like to remind our readers … that, no matter how much you may claim to love Obama, walking around with a Nazi in Philly can get you knocked out.” Well, doesn’t look like you take mischaracterizing Nazis very seriously at all then.

Say what you will about the right in this country — I’ve written at length in this publication and elsewhere about the ills of the modern Republican Party — but you better believe I will support those in favor of rule of law and civilization over those committing actual violence in their efforts to bring down our political civility. ANTIFA can introduce political violence to silence those that they oppose on the basis of their speech in Berkeley and elsewhere, because it looks like Berkeley police aren’t going to do anything to stop them, since Berkeley students and residents were tweeting about the lack of police support in the area. But before you go about supporting them in that effort solely because you disagree with some of the things the person sitting in the White House is saying or doing, just be aware that ANTIFA’s membership is intent on all out, violent warfare against those they deem “Nazis.”

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ANTIFA is a hypocrtical group